Never backwards

And Ray said…I don’t want to get too attached and did not want to even look at her hand. Holding himself aloof, protecting his heart…when he bonds it is strong and forever…baby 721

Can’t blame him…the birth mother wanted to see only three profiles, since we were the fourth to get our information in, we were not chosen to be presented. Maybe I was looking for a coincidence, sometimes I do that, I know…but God said, “no, not this baby…” Pray right now for the birth mother would you?  The baby is to be released today, and she needs to pick now for “HER” . Time is running out and there are families that will love her forever.  This momma has been so brave so far, encourage her in your prayers.


And while I was waiting on word of the baby…three cows got out into the silage pit and I was in my pj’s at six am chasing cows away from the rabbit hutches. Levi and I got them back in…

Just as everyone left other than Benjamin and Eli and me…a horn honks: “there is a cow upside down on the hill struggling to get up.” Enough already, spring fever!! Spring heats bring crazy cow syndrome. The younger cows pushed this older cow upside down in the mud. Baby was in bed, Ben was OK so out I went, Shyloh’s boots, orange rain coat…and a phone. It doesn’t take long, their stomachs fill full of air and they suffocate. Calling Ray and I was running down the lane, the two guys who stopped in the water company truck watched me…almost knee deep in mud flipping a thousand pound cow using her body weight, making sure her head stayed up the hill hanging on to her collar for dear life…pinching her nose so she got her bearings. And YES…she LIVES… The guys stayed perched on three blades of grass on the small strip of solid ground asking me, “is there anything I can do?” in their white shirts and clean “barn boots” …


Then off to walmart for two Benjamin melt downs and yep, I am tired!!

Bit of advice to those of you who wait…do not stop your life, live it to the fullest AS you wait, life ticks on and on and on….never backwards…


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