Henceforth and Forevermore!!

Henceforth and Forevermore…

Bright blue sky, clear day, crisp early May temperatures…a perfect day, for an adoption FINALIZATION!!

Eli's finalization 001

What a road we have been on the past year and a half, but today, it was about celebration! The kiddos took off school, we got into our fifteen passenger “THE Behemoth” as Ian calls it and traipsed to the courthouse with a girlfriend and grandma in tow!!

Eli's finalization 010

Caseworker was a bit late and round and round Eli and Benjamin ran…around and around the rotunda of the courthouse.

Eli's finalization 006

The lawyer, caseworkers and the judge previewed the case before we were called into the chamber. And then… it became very interesting. Benjamin has taken a liking to microphones since he sings with the girls on the Wii. And when I was called to the stand first and right in front of me was…well.. a microphone.  He came up and sat on my lap and tried to be quiet, but it did not work. The judge asked him if he would try to be quiet and he said, “no.” So a minute or two went by like this: The lawyer,  “Can you spell your name”….Benjamin:”mommy that’s a microphone, Mommy can I talk to you…Get down here, mommy”  until Levi had mercy on the whole courtroom and took Benjamin out for a while.

The judge listened to testimony then spoke about how so many things he sees makes him feel like there is no good in the world anymore and how happy he was to preside over this case.

Eli's finalization 014

Right when they were to declare the adoption decree…the door opens and in walks Officer Hunter and his wife. The proceedings were stalled as our caseworker acknowledged him before the judge and the courtroom. We were so glad they made it! Officer Hunter was Eli’s saviour…he delivered him and did CPR after which his birthmomma requested safe haven for him.

Eli's finalization 036

And finally the decree…”henceforth and forevermore he shall be known as Eli Hunter Primel.”

Eli's finalization 012

And then the reporters came in. The judge called them because he wanted the story to be known; something good in this cold, hard world. So I guess soon the story will be printed in the Tribune Review, Pittsburgh!

Eli's finalization 016


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