YAYA and the Magic Bag

Ya Ya and the Magic Bag

Wet noses pressed to the window, eyes alert for a glimpse of what is inside the gift bag. Today it was ABC cardboard letters, a toy truck from the 1970’s and bath towels…and so much more…

Grandma with Analescia and Christina

Grandma with Analescia and Christina

A glowing, proud smile as Benjamin puts the letters in order, recites them and their sounds…IT was missing an F and an N…so she made some from cereal box cardboard; that’s our YaYa.

new camera 122

Dancing with Eli while sitting on the pink chair, her feet moving and laughing with glee as Eli mimics her tapping toes; that’s our YaYa.

new camera 038

Garlic bread for Ian to go with spaghetti; she stands proudly, hands on her hips and an ear to ear smile, as he sniffs the loaf; that’s our YaYa.

new camera 041

A hug for Shyloh, a squeeze as she comes through the door; home at last from school. Eye to eye, toe to toe; a shared laugh and grin with YaYa.

new camera 172

A joke for Micah, a riddle for him, loving mind games with Yaya, his Gram.

new camera 053

A box of crayons and a purple treasure box for artsy Faith, just a special little thing, and the squeeze here it comes… oh YAYA.

new camera 139

And Mazie, her scream as she busts in the door, a conundrum for Yaya who looks and… YES a bright red yoyo that lights as it spins comes out of the magic bag.

new camera 037

No one forgotten, not one of them. Thank you dear YAYA for loving them too, they are so special and you see it too!!

new camera 049

Thank you so much Grandma for loving these gifts and blessings that overwhelm so many people, but you see them one by one!! If you don’t have a Grandma like this for your children, become one someday!! What a difference a Godly Loving Grandma makes in her grandchildren’s lives! Loved one at a time, in a way that they are made to feel precious, cherished, and special; Thank you God, for Grandma.

October and November 2012 032

Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma!


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