Have you had those days where you look at your blessings, ignore your trials and are content? I want more of those days!!

I had one yesterday. Had a bit of a crisis in the morning followed by taking one kiddo to the orthodontist …and peace fell over me. I was talking to God, letting Him know that if He chose to use us in another adoption of a special one, that is great!…but if not, I was content…

And I breathed the big breath of release…as I wove my way through McDonalds then the Wendy’s drive through in the “big behemoth”, just relaxing in God’s blessings..

new camera 007

When I arrived home, I had a phone message and two emails:

“I’m working on a special needs case and I wanted to check with families within the agency who had checked yes to considering special needs before going outside the agency. I wanted to get this email out during office hours, so I’m going to give you as much information as I have. I will be heading to the hospital this afternoon to get copies of forms and medical records that I will email out later this afternoon. For now, I’ll give you what I have.”

The agency had begun to reach out to their contracted families on Friday, this was now Monday…and we were contacted since no one had come forward as of yet.

And the email went on to describe a little girl born early in the month with fetal alcohol syndrome disorder… very small for gestational age and small head size…and they had no families. The birth mother had not known she was pregnant and had also taken all kinds of prescription and non prescription drugs.

 This was a surprise on many levels. I was ready to let go…be always prepared; but moving on, you know what I mean… so for the past 24 hours, we were on call to see if another family came forward, or if we would be packing to go to Philly again.

WE are not contracted with our agency; we just lurk in the background as the last resort family. If a contracted family is interested, we are not needed…and that is good!! After all we cannot adopt them all!!

look no hives 005

Late yesterday, one of their contracted families was considering it and…

This precious girl ended up having a home close to her so that her birth mother, who has some mental delays, could have two visits a year…due to the distance we could have only committed to one a year.

new camera 082

But…I am still content 🙂 I am so happy that sense of contentment has not left, so now I can get on with finishing the school year with the kiddos; band concerts, graduation…a few other things that are very important!!

And just let this up to God right now!! And that is where it always belongs, doesn’t it?


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