Heed the Call, Man the FORT

I see so many Christians that adopt using the phrase… “we were called…” what does that mean exactly…

I have had people look at me skeptically, as our children parade around, two grocery carts full to overflowing…and feel the need to explain.

On 9/11,  the twin towers were on fire, we all saw the footage. People streaming out of the towers, running for their lives but in the same shot, firefighters, policemen, and plain clothes citizens were running TO the buildings. Why?

What makes some firefighters and some policemen and some regular types do that?? Why did they risk their lives to save one, or two? After all, did they just not save a few lives last week? Isn’t that enough? Why be greedy?

Something inside would not be quiet, it was the strongest impulse they felt..”GO…GO… GO…someone needs YOU…You can do something, you can help…GO. And all of their hours of training could not have made someone go into the buildings that day. It was that push inside that they could not ignore! That is being CALLED!! That urgency can be overwhelming at times because you have the call to adopt but don’t know what direction it will lead you…

 Many are called, but few are chosen.

 There were many firefighters and policemen around the country that day with the same call, but only a few were close to the buildings that day. The ones present and prepared were chosen for that place, that time, to make a difference RIGHT THEN and THERE! The other firefighters were with them in spirit, but only the ones close enough to the buildings could DO something.

Ray and I feel our job is to be prepared and ready … we know we are called, but only a few times have we been chosen for such a time as this…

Heed the CALL, Be Prepared, Man the fort…because one day…We will be chosen… for that special child, that special place… and we will run toward the child…while others run away…

The times we are Called AND Chosen, we feel Privileged and Honored to be Used… and for a little while, the CALL is quieter, but always there…after all, just because we “saved” one life last year doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t need us NOW…

Hope that helps with the terminology…

Take time to be holy, Be calm in thy soul;
Each though and each motive, Beneath His control;
Thus led by His Spirit, To fountains of love,
Thou soon shalt be fitted, For service above.
William D. Longstaff. 1822-1894


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