It’s a BOY!!

It’s a BOY!!

I got a phone call… He was born on May 14, 2013… He was born to a mom who wanted a family for her son… They had a family picked out when the hospital staff noticed:

Simian crease

Almond shaped eyes

Inability to regulate temperature

Pronated toe

And tests were sent…no need to panic, it’s just an extra chromosome 😀 He is a special baby with Down syndrome!!  And the family that she had picked was not an option anymore. And in the agency, they had no other family, but US 😀  And we so hate when that happens right!!

So we have a son…he was born at 5:06am, with apgars of 8 and 8. His birth weight was 6lb 8 oz. And he is African American…. And in VA, one of the states in which our agency is licensed to work.  Does anyone live in Chesapeake, VA??

He will probably be released on Monday of this week and ICPC from VA to PA should take about four days.

So by Monday, I need the full amount for the placement: $10,000 placement + $1500 ICPC and $1700 for post placement fees :

total of $13,200… we have $5800 meaning we need to raise $7400.00 by Monday…

Because we raised it once, I know it can happen again! We will not be letting him go into foster care…nope…so if you feel led, please know this little guy will be loved and have the therapies he needs right from the start. He will have a forever family from DAY 1 !! I cannot wait to see him!!
For our Adoption Fund:


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