Received the medicals on our baby… wow he had a rough start!

He had no prenatal care, had hypoxia (lack of oxygen at birth) and had trouble staying at or above 90 percent oxygen saturation in room air. He was given chest PT and blow-by oxygen until they were able to transfer him into the nicu. But even with that, he was given apgars of 8 and 8 ( I wonder if that was the sliding scale?)

That is when they noticed, the left ear sits a bit low, but initial exam his eyes were swollen and everything else was in the normal range.

But then, a glucose level came back as low. And they noticed his eyes were less swollen…and the upward slanting palpebral fissures of his eyes…and his wide spaced toes, very short fingers and toes…singular palmar crease…decreased symmetric tone and reflexes; and his momma is 41…

The next line on the report on 5/14 is probable trisomy 21 and tests were sent.

He had a bout of low bilirubin and was under the lights.

And the fish test came back 5/17 as positive for trisomy 21, or Down syndrome…

We are hoping they can regulate his body temperature very soon, as that is the last key in him coming home… pray with us that he remains stable and can come home very soon!

And if you feel led to help us, we have this update:

 5/18/13 9:45 pm Given: $ 7355                          Needed: $ 5845

For our Adoption Fund:


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