Legals…for VA to PA

An update on the legal matters:

The birth mother signed papers on May 15. In Virginia, the revocation period is ten days. So she has until May the 25th to change her mind, after which it cannot be revoked; much, much shorter than PA which is 30 days to revoke consent for adoption. Another difference from PA, in VA there is a birthfather registry. After the ten days expire, the agency will look at the registry, if he has not listed himself on the registry, then termination of rights can ensue. He was aware of her pregnancy and changed his address and phone number when she was fairly far along in her pregnancy, so chances of him being on that are pretty slim.

We can finalize in VA!! How cool is that? It is a paper only state, so once all the paperwork is in order, and six months have passed, we can finalize without having to go back physically to VA! At that time, we will pay the legal fees. At this point, of course I have no idea what those will be.

The agency also informed me they will apply for adoption subsidy on our behalf and that will mean the little buddy will have the medical card! So needed for his therapies!

Now I must tell you how God works. My car seat has expired…the expiration date has come and gone and I can no longer use my infant car seat…and I hate to buy one when we are putting everything toward the fees and the travel expenses/hotel costs… so there is a continuous garage sale on facebook for our local area… I just put a blip that I needed a car seat for this emergency placement and someone was willing to give me one that was not expired. We got to talking … she lives about a half hour drive away and we were trying to figure out how to get the car seat here…when out of the blue she asks if Ray worked at The Tire Clinic… and lo and behold her husband works … NEXT DOOR at Quaker sales!! No way!! See how cool is that?? Easy peasy …he is bringing the car seat to work and leaving it in the car for Ray to get Monday am!! Now that is God taking care of the little things!

We still have a bit to go to be fully funded…Please pray for us as we are planning this trip, and for the baby as he is trying to stabilize, and for finances. On top of the placement funds we are raising, we will have hotel/eating out/ and gas, car rental fees since none of our vehicles are good enough to trust on such a long trip. We are only asking for help with the placement costs.

5/19/13   7:20 am Given : $7415                        Needed: $ 5785

For our Adoption Fund:


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