Makes me Wonder

Makes me wonder

What a difference two months makes. Two months ago, God worked and the doors flew open after a lot of knocking to fund bringing home a little one who had no one to stand in the gap for her… And once again this time, I knocked on the same doors, sending out emails to everyone who supported us last time around…and many of the people have not responded. I am sure many of the sympathetic strangers and friends who supported us last time around donated to another good cause and no longer are able to help…it is OK … we feel called and God will provide…stepping and not knowing where the next rock is…

Financially, we do not have the placement fees and are going forward by faith. We know there is no other home for this little one in the agency. He is to be released tomorrow from the hospital and this agency does not have a cradle care option… He needs us and we are going anyway.

Pray for us, I really don’t know where the money is going to come from when it comes time to go to the bank tomorrow and draw up the cashier’s check… I am trying to juggle moving money around… we can charge the hotel, renting the car, and gas…but the cashier’s check…well… that is the $13,200.

Pray for wisdom. Pray for health for the children at home that grandma is to watch, pray for health for baby boy waiting for us. Pray for a safe trip tomorrow. Pray for my children not to be anxious … a few are feeling quite anxious since we will not be here as they have chorus concerts, field trips, and lots of other events. Pray we are home by Micah’s graduation June the 4th…I MUST not miss that!!! Pray for favor in the courts for a speedy ICPC!! Thank you all so much for your prayers… on the road tomorrow!!!

The number is the same it has not budged since around 4:00pm

5/19/13  3:50pm Given : $7516.91                           Needed: 5683.09

For our Adoption Fund:


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