5/19/13  3:50pm Given : $7516.91                           Needed: 5683.09

This will serve as a kindof list

Looks like there is still a chance the baby will be released tomorrow so we have to go to VA!!

Packing for two littles and one baby soon to be in my arms…

Finding three pack and plays for the hotel stay

Rent a vehicle

Schedule the kiddos for barn work

get cashier’s checks for the agency

Postdating checks for the business

and what to do about meals for the kids….GRANDMA!! HELP!!

Hope the cow that is due on the 30th does not calf until we get back.

Yes we are going forward…If you could please pray for us and for the baby!!

We are praying that memorial day weekend does not mess up the paperwork for ICPC… and Murphy’s law will not apply here!!

We so appreciate those that have donated. Thank you so much! And let God multiply the gifts and bless the giver! I promise to share a picture as soon as I have one!

For our Adoption Fund:


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