5/20/13 6:00 am Given: $ 9219.38                        Needed:  $3980.62

Well, in about three hours, I head to the bank. Talked to the caseworker last night, very late last night…. and it looks like we have a plan! This morning we have a bit to do…get the vehicle to rent, cut the cashier check, sign papers at the elementary school for another few field trips for Mazie moo…complete packing….and then we have to deliver tires to Morgantown. Yep, it is must do to keep the business in order. Leave one of the tire trucks with the new driver(today will be his first day) to drive back as Ray and I proceed to VA together to sign papers, hand over the check…and squeeze the newest addition.

We have a NAME…but we need to see him to make sure it is a GREAT fit. We want to incorporate the name the birth mother chose. We would have adopted it in its entirety but…it was the same exact name as one of our older kiddos!!

More on that later.

Since Ray decided to drive down with us, I won’t need the power of attorney authority.

Pray that the guys working at the business hold it together for a day and a half of Ray gone. Last time he was gone for ONE day for Eli’s finalization…it was a mess. People need their tires!!

Pray for travelling mercies…and pray baby boy is released if not today, tomorrow so ICPC process can begin!

And pray that I can juggle for the final few thousand, or God lays it on soft hearts to get us all the way to the placement/ICPC/postplacement fees required today.

Wisdom, strength, endurance, and the rest of the bucket list of God…Jesus in us…that is what we want

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us.


5/20/13 6:00 am Given: $ 9219.38                        Needed:  $3980.62

For our Adoption Fund:


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  1. Praying for safe travels for you (and all the details for your family)! Looking forward to your having your baby boy in your arms!

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