Meeting Josiah

Meeting Josiah

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On Monday, we tried we really did. Ray had to drop off a load of tires in Morgantown, WV. After renting a vehicle, I followed him to drop the load and then returned across the state an hour and a half to where we would connect to the route to go to the southern most corner of Virginia. We had decided to bring with us: Shyloh, Benjamin and Eli. Shyloh is old enough to help and Benjamin would not do well so long away from both Ray and I…Eli my concern was is feeding issues…

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So on we traipsed… The trip was very long, and all told, it looked like we would not arrive until after 10pm so I called the caseworker and asked if we could meet the next day, Tuesday to do the paper work…and meet the baby since he was not being released yet. So, Tuesday it was.

Josiah Micah

On the way down, we discussed names. The birth mother had chosen Micah as a first name…we love that name, but we already HAVE a Micah…so we asked Micah permission to use it as a middle name, permission was granted! We decided on Josiah Micah.

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One of my high school friends found us a place to stay,  a place that one of HER friends owned … I had only asked for utility, but God gave us beauty. Thank you, Joanie and Gary. May you feel God’s blessing, you helped and God saw it.

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And then the next day: we saw this fellow:

concerts and Josiah 058 concerts and Josiah 089

Isn’t he precious? And we signed papers…a commitment to be his parents forever.

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4 comments on “Meeting Josiah

  1. How great is our God ??? Josiah Micah couldn’t be more beautiful !!! May the Lord fill his life with His wisdom, joy, peace, and love ! Congratulations to all of you !

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