Gotta Love it

We sit here…and Ray is so busy there.

One of my greatest fears in driving was the beltway around Washington DC and getting off of the wrong exit. So, in order to help me lose that fear…God made is so that I had to not just drive it once…but THREE times 😀 Gotta love life sometimes you know!

After driving south again back to the hospital to see Josiah, I got off of the wrong exit and ended up somewhere. I was not even sure if I was in Richmond. I began to sweat and pray…I had to keep moving since there was traffic. I pulled off of a side street and I found a security guard who just happened to be taking a walk around. She took me in her office and I was only 0.8 miles away from the hospital!! wow, sometimes the little things like that that happen floor me.

just happened to be doing a walk around right at that moment? just happened to have access to a computer to give me GOOD directions?? Just happened? I don’t think so.

hospital 2 Josiah 001

When I arrived at the hospital, Josiah was fine, in a crib and sleeping, pooping and eating, just what any baby should do.

They had done a cat scan that showed a grade 1 brain bleed in the left ventricle. But that had not caused the blue baby.

hospital 2 Josiah 013

Next they did an echo. The echocardiogram showed the foramen ovale that had been open, is now closed. But the patent ductus arteriosis is still open. But…that had not caused the baby to struggle.

All cultures and other tests came back negative…so the thought is it was either: aspiration/reflux or the tongue got trapped in the back of the throat.

To correct the possibility of either of those, he is sleeping elevated on a slant, with his body wedged a bit to the side instead of flat on his back to sleep. And life has been wonderful for him 🙂

hospital 2 Josiah 009

I am hoping for a monitor, but with it being across state lines things are a bit tricky with insurance. So pray with me we get a monitor since we are to be released tomorrow and continue our nomadic existence into a hotel further north until we are given a clearance to move into Pennsylvania. I am so hoping that happens very soon!!


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