Fixin’ to cry

There is no getting around it, I miss my kiddos immensely.


We have been released from the hospital, oh yes 🙂 Mr. Josiah has now an apnea monitor and a sleep wedge. I keep setting off the alarms on the monitor, but it is all good. At least I can sleep! The benevolent fund at the hospital bought the wedge, harness and paid one month rent on the apnea monitor. I will have to mail the monitor back to VA as soon as I get one at home. That is if we ever GET home. Please pray for the ICPC to move more quickly! All the paperwork has been sitting in VA for a week and has not even been sent to PA yet!


Pray that Eli eats and is well. Pray that Mazie has an easier time. She called again this morning before school asking if I was coming home today and once again I had to tell her no. Her reward for getting ready for school yesterday was to talk to me. As she was talking, she  lost her book bag. Don’t ask, it is a common occurrence. I asked her, did you look here? did you look there?? and she was sobbing. Benjamin won’t even talk to me on the phone … my poor buddy.

 I don’t know whose idea this ICPC is, but honestly, if someone was going to steal a child, they would not get FBI fingerprints and sign paperwork. They know who you are, have your social security numbers, your fingerprints, all of your past addresses, references from friends and family … good heavens, where the heck would you hide? If there was a problem, they could always make you return the child. I wish there was something I could do to move along the process…but there is nothing to be done.


Another of my high school friends lives in northern VA. She and her husband had travel points or something for hotel stays. They used them to help me stay in this very safe and comfortable hotel for two nights. Thank you Polly and Chris! Polly has a special connection with Josiah. Her older brother has Down syndrome. And she and her husband wanted to be sure we did not have another fiasco like the hotel 6 night!

Please pray that ICPC hurries, and that Ray has all the help he needs at home. Some of our friends there are helping with watching kids and taking meals. Thank you so much!! Give my kids a kiss for me. I am about three hours from home, and three hours might as well be three hundred.. there is a gulf fixed…

26And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from there. Luke 16:26


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