There’s no Place Like Home

DSCN0434 DSCN0435I have been meaning to update, but things are a bit crazy here right now. Josiah is a fussy baby; he cries a lot…Eli is jealous. Benjamin had lost weight when I was gone so I have been pushing the foods he likes to have him regain lost ground. Kids are now all out of school. Micah graduated. I was ten days behind on bookwork and should be caught up this weekend 🙂 crazy busy, just like I said!

DSCN0446 DSCN0444

When we were stuck in VA, I knew there was so much to do at home…and felt guilty doing almost nothing…then I got the call at 1:00pm on Thursday…cleared to go home!! Polly celebrated a bit with me…


payback is really hard!! I have had minimal sleep in the past week catching up on all the bookwork when peace reigns in the house. Sometimes that meant working from 2am to 5am… Was it worth it ? A thousand times YES 🙂


…and I made it home for Micah’s high school graduation! The one thing I felt I just could not miss. And God did not ask that of me!


We came up short on our placement fees by $3218 you all having given $9982!! We had to borrow the remainder…and there will be attorney’s fees within a few months due. And believe me, those that know us, we are definitely not flush with money. We are still accepting donations to pay back the loan and to pay the lawyer.


Josiah saw the pediatrician and he gained a pound and a half!! He is doing well other than lots of gas and swallowing air…believe me I am working on it!!

DSCN0545 DSCN0563

For our Adoption Fund:


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