Some Days you NEED Many Rainbows

Some days You Need Many Rainbows

It was not a bad day, or a good day, but as the day continued…I knew I would have to take all the littles to my Uncle’s 80th birthday party at the Tea Room, alone. I Left early knowing something would probably go wrong.

Just out of the driveway my phone rang. It was Levi, number two son. “Mom, the trailer beside the tire clinic is on fire, but it is OK. It is almost out.” I knew that wasn’t good. One trailer was for powdered rubber, and the other was for junk tires. I pulled off the road and made sure the fire company had been called and that I was not needed. They had been called and all was under control. Sigh, our new business that we purchased in January definitely has had more than its share of struggles.   But worrying about it doesn’t help a thing, nothing at all I can do. Onward…


Sadness swept in like a wave. So much, just so much that life gives you. I prayed for Ray, who I knew had to be so very discouraged. I prayed and then I asked for just one simple thing…that Benjamin would be good and not completely embarrass us so we would have to leave before anyone had a chance to eat.  Up to this point, it was not a good day for him.


Typical to him, when escaping down the steps I said, “Benjamin, get back up here…” He says, “I’m watching Ben.” I told him, “You cannot watch Ben, you are Ben.” Says he, “I’m FINE. Shhhh…” And so it had gone today.

I told Mazie she had to be a big girl. I assigned Shyloh to Benjamin, and Ian to Eli, Faith was to be big and remember “it was not about her…” And as for Josiah, well, he had gas. All the big boys were at the tire shop.


Levi called again, they needed the camera for damage pictures…but I was 30 miles away with the camera for the PARTAY!! Of course, Levi had forgotten where I was.

Ben was GOOD!! Good for our definition of Ben. He ran around and around the rented room, but no melt downs. He ATE!! No way, and he ran around and around some more…Don’t fret, it was a private room and my uncle and his daughter have been most supportive of us. But he stayed IN the room, and he told me when he wanted to go home. I had some roast beef and coffee even! But even though we did not make dessert, I was feeling so grateful when we made our way back to the green behemoth (kids’ nickname for the van).


It had been pouring and right when we were ready to leave, it quit long enough to get buckled…and then…


The rainbows happened. Single rainbows and double rainbows the whole way home. One right after another…and then…we saw the END of a rainbow…

DSCN0974 DSCN0977 DSCN0978

I pulled off and we enjoyed the moment. We often don’t get the big things in life we ask for, but the simple things are there for all of us. The colors had depth and width…they were glowing, yet full and thin at the same time…what a moment.

When the colors began to fade, we pushed forward and drove to the clinic to take pictures of the fire damage. So bad, yet so good. The trailer was a complete loss, but the building had been saved. Repairs needed, yet repairable.

DSCN0998 DSCN1001

 And the lesson of the rainbow… stop, it is not all bad…see the colors? See the light? See the beauty, not the storm..ahh, I so needed that today.


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