Out of Order

When Qwerty is confusing the best thing to do, is pull all the keys off of the computer and put them in ABC order. There, isn’t that better? More in order? Functional?

Said no one, Ever…unless you are Benjamin. And that is just what he did today…

Rain and cold in July, a swimming party where no one wants to swim for 4-H. And you have no choice, but take your daughter who is the Dairy Ambassador to say a promotion and hand out ice-cream, to almost no one.

Social security office, where the list is wrong..you take all the correct documents listed and the list given to you by their supervisor and at the door is incorrect, so you go home with nothing done, and have to return.

The fire marshal clears the property to be used as functionally safe…but you cannot remove the melted trailer with a backhoe, or other heavy equipment so…you have to take out your torches to cut it apart.


The insurance adjuster is two days late and we ARE moving it whether they like it or not.

Mazie comes up the cellar steps head to toe in mud from all the rain…deciding to make a mud ball and then cannot get any of the mud off, screams bloody murder because you never know about a lurking spider in the cellar shower…Mud trailed everywhere.

Eli has figured out the gates and now had free reign to the upstairs unless we put a barrier. A huge old blanket chest. Bungie cords. A part of a child gate. Moving living room furniture three times and I THINK he is now unable to navigate to the upstairs again, for a while.

Eli’s medical card has been approved since May 2, and still no card…calling and emailing is getting me nowhere.

Josiah’s medical card is in the same state: three calls to the office that handles it and a vacation from the worker and I still don’t even have a person to person contact.

Discouraged Ray, so discouraged… Balance…out of balance….and my keys are not in ABC order, they are QWERTY.   But QWERTY is functional if you know how to use the code…I need the code.


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