Give Me an E in a square

DSCN0825Made the appointment with a lot of forethought. I knew it couldn’t be too early or he would not be out of bed and would be grumpy if I woke him. It couldn’t be too late or he would be too tired and had to be just right: 11:30am. I figured if I took all of the children with me, he would not be looking for someone who was not with us. If we stopped at McDonald’s on the way, he would not be hungry or thirsty. If I showed up very close to the time of the appointment, he would not have to wait, get bored and melt down…

He yelled out the letters on the eye chart, laughing. He saw the “25” and the “5” and all of the other numbers for the color blind test and wanted to see more. He identified the shapes around the letters.. an E in a square a  25 in a circle!! All in a VERY LOUD and EXCITED tone. He was cracking up the optometrist big time 🙂 His eyes were darting all over the place as the doctor tried to  keep him from cheating and looking behind him at the wall.

And then…I hated to do it, but I needed to be sure since he has so many odd eye motions and visual stimulatory behaviors… He saw Magenta… He kept insisting it was Magenta 🙂 They dilated his eyes, saw the red dots and insisted it was Magenta !! (those of you who don’t know, Magenta is “Blues Clues” friend that has pink dots).

As for me, Love was overflowing, as was sympathy and understanding. When you “see” how differently he perceives and views even the simplest things and how excited he was to have something to share that he absolutely had mastered. I was so honored in a way, it was so laid out in plain view the simple joy and the very simple way he has…and I saw glory…His eyes sparkled and shone, he HAD this… What oh what, does the world do with a child whose vision is so glorious, but yet so unique? How can I as a momma keep his eyes shining and his joy and exuberance alive, yet help him grow into life in this world? The burden is great, but so is the GLORY!!


Just adding this to the end of this blog post: can you help?? Home study ready family only:

Saw this posted. I have no other information than what is posted here:
National Down Syndrome Adoption Network
We have an adoptive situation in South Dakota and we need South Dakota families ONLY. No other states are being considered. We need interested families to call us immediately. Please call 513-709-1751. You MUST be a South Dakota resident. Thank you.  Now also opened to Wyoming.


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