Mazie Pearl ~ “She loved. More than anything else, she loved.”

My sister’s blog … oh it made me miss my Grammie even more than I already do. We were so blessed to be so loved.

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I honor my Grammy today — she died on the 24th of July, 2009 — by compiling a few thoughts her children and grandchildren shared at her funeral.  I had the privilege to read them. We laughed and cried together that day.  She lived life to the fullest and loved unconditionally.  These are just fragments of the precious memories stored in our minds and shared. If I wrote them all down, this would be the longest blog post on record.  My sister said it best (she quoted a line from a song…) “She loved.  More than anything else, she loved.”


“Grammy always used the same green/white striped box to wrap birthday presents in… once you opened the box, she wanted it back. She taught me how to tie my shoes by having me tie a shoelace around the arm of her wooden rocker.   We would read together almost everyday before…

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