Let’s Not and Say we Did


I wish someone else would take charge and snap their fingers and I would have sons and daughters that clean their rooms and do their laundry without a nose to nose confrontation. I pulled out EIGHT big black garbage bags of dirty laundry from the boys’ room after asking them to do one load of laundry and being ignored and stared at by one…and the other going nose to nose with me as he stated emphatically that he did a load…

Mind you these are the OLDER boys not the little munchkins..


I know lots of parents do this for their children, but at their age, I do expect them to carry a load to the automatic washing machine … notice it is not a wash board… and throw it in. When it is finished, take it to the gas dryer…notice they are not spreading the clothes out to dry on the trees…. And then fold them and put them away… on closet shelves …not in suitcases (although right now….)

new camera 122

So now they are furious with me since all eight bags sit in my road in my bedroom… I confiscated them…and I am not sure what I am going to do with them. I threatened to throw them out …but I know I am not giving them back for at least a few days….One child insisted he has no pants to go to work in. Ray had a good point; then what exactly was he planning to wear tomorrow without a load of laundry done? Wear dirty pants I think? And the other son was just mad, but he is always mad.


Sigh, parenting is exhausting at 11:49pm and 5:00am…parenting can be very exhausting. But we are trying to raise responsible, dependable and skilled children who can DO what it takes and not expect everyone else to Do FOR them. Tough job nowadays.

Some days you just want to say, “Let’s not and say we did”…and just let everything go and not parent at all… but that is how their room got to eight bags…I said that at one…then two bags. Before I knew it, we were at eight. Ignoring things does not make them change…


And YEAH he’s cute 🙂


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