If you ever see me put Emergency it truly is:

Here is a pass along situation…it is an emergency to the baby at risk for death:

Passing this situation on that was posted in one of my adoption groups just now… If anyone is *HOME STUDY READY* and interested in adopting a baby that will have Down Syndrome and is due in Aug, please contact the agency below ASAP! I have *NO* other details other than what is below, but this baby is scheduled to be aborted on Friday if a family is not found this week.

“If anyone is interested in adopting a downs syndrome baby please call Jacquelyn Johnson at the Gabriel Network at 202-834-5755. The parents are schedule for an abortion on Friday unless they can find adoptive parents.”

Please if this is not you, pray, if you hear God calling YOU for this situation, do not delay. Time is not on the baby’s side.



2 comments on “Emergency

  1. Oh dear God please let there be someone ready!! If only we could adopt him. NY law won’t allow you to adopt until one is finalized…

    • someone just told me their “mailbox was full” … we must be always ready to show that there is a home, they will be loved, they do have value!!

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