Emergency: Update

images[8]My eyes are full of tears, my nose is burning, there is a lump in my throat…God have mercy…

“I don’t even know how to write this, but we just got word that the couple with the Down Syndrome baby moved up the abortion date to today and it is now done.
I thank you for your prayers and willingness to reach out to us in hopes of adopting this child. Please continue to pray for this couple because they will need all of our prayers more than they realize.
God bless,
Tiffany Farley
Executive Assistant, Gabriel Network”


Unfortunately, even though there were willing families, this baby will never see the beauty of a sunrise., feel the smooth skin of a mommy’s cheek, or hear the deep and steady heartbeat while laying on Daddy’s chest.

God help us all… at 36 weeks this baby was worse than unloved by its parents…it was destroyed. And,  Jesus welcomed this precious one way too early , broken and torn apart, and put the pieces back together. We are KILLING our children America… weep and mourn and ask for mercy.



5 comments on “Emergency: Update

  1. My heart is broken… why, why is all I can say. Our love for our 2 little ones that we adopted with DS is so great that I mourn for this little one. Our only comfort is knowing that he is now loved by everyone in Heaven.

    • I surely don’t know. God sees it all. He saw the willing flock to rescue. And he saw the hearts and minds of the abortive parents as they made this choice. Pray for them, they will need it. And you are right, the baby has been healed and put back together in heaven…

    • From Maryland’s Right to Life web page: “On February 18, 1991, Maryland Governor William Donald Schaefer signed into law SB 162, an abortion bill that went far beyond Roe v. Wade. Pro-lifers mounted an all-out effort to repeal the law by referendum, but the referendum failed, leaving Maryland with one of the most extreme abortion statutes in the United States.

      Since 1992, Maryland law has:
      •Permitted abortion on demand, even late in pregnancy;
      •Protected abortionists from legal action;
      •Allowed abortionists to perform abortions on minors without notifying a parent; and
      •Left health care workers who refuse to make abortion referrals as a matter of conscience vulnerable to civil liability and disciplinary action.

      NARAL, formerly known as the National Abortion Rights Action League, gives Maryalnd an “A” for permissive abortion law and access. Maryland ranks fifth int he nation as of 2012 for the most permissive laws. By contast, our neighbors are notably more pro-life: Delaware earns a “C+”, Pennsylvania earns an “F”, Virginia earns an “F” and West Virginia earns a “B”.

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