Open Letter to the Therapeutic Support Staff

993370_10101491748515953_749977156_n[1]It happened again. Mazie got comfortable with her TSS. Mazie has a typical “honeymoon period” where she tries to impress/please and then begins to test her authority. They get through that, find a happy place and Mazie trusts them and boom… they up and quit. No warning, no preparation for transition to the new TSS. Just a call and I won’t be coming back, dear Johnetta phone call to me the parent…they do not ask to speak to Mazie, do not explain to her anything, they just quit on her.

And then a new face waltzes in…Mazie is closed, resentful, angry, and sad…a perfect set up for failure. If you are a TSS, please prepare your little child that you should care about. Please look into their eyes and tell them it is not their fault. Let them know you do not reject them or no longer care for them. “Man-up” or “woman-up” to the occasion. Prove you are the adult. Care about them more than you care about yourself.

The reason they need your services is they are vulnerable, they are weak and you share your strength with them. When you take on my daughter, she is just not a client. She is my baby, my hero, my heart. We are all effected by her needs every day. We care. When she hurts, we all hurt. You were not there when her eyes filled with tears when we told her you were not coming back. You were not there when she turned her back to the new TSS. You were long gone when she screamed for two days in frustration/sadness and rejection. You cannot spend fifteen to twenty hours a week with her and disappear forever and her not know. Every time it happens, a part of her trust is lost. What you do DOES affect her. Please, if YOUR life is out of control, do not let that wave overtake my baby too. She cannot swim yet. Every time she goes under again, it makes her less likely to try her butterfly let alone her back float.


If you cannot build her up, do not show up ever…this is not the job for you. It is not fair to leave bits and pieces of heart in your wake. If you cannot put yourself aside and do what is right…stay home. We can handle it from here, you just go about your business and fill out paperwork, but do not come and try to touch my child’s heart, she only has one. Push papers in an office stay OUT.

Those of you that are Therapeutic support staff that care; Thank you. Be an example to the others. And, may we find one just like you.

And I also want to share this: A special family is needed for a very special baby…are you that family??

Facebookers! We need help matching a wonderful new birth mother we have; Rebecca! She is having a Caucasian girl, due 12/17/2013. Rebecca is currently on methadone and the baby girl has a heart condition that will require surgery within the first few weeks of life. This will all be covered by medicaid and will happen i…n St. Petersburg, FL at All Children’s Hospital. Rebecca also needs financial assistance. We have the birth mother’s questionnaire, picture and medical records from her perinatal cardiology appointment available for any family to review. Please spread the word and help us match this mother Contact Kathleen Calcutt at 727-424-4348 or at for further information

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