Four Months Already?

Four months already?

2013 Fair,Josiah_221

I cannot believe that Josiah is four months old!! Where oh where did the time go? He is really growing. He flew through the NB sizes; is out of 0-3 month clothes and is now in 3-6 month clothes already! He has the head control down, whoo hoo!

2013 Fair,Josiah_272He just discovered his feet and toes. Up to this point, most of the time, he sat or laid with his feet and legs really limp. He did not try to push against my hand with his feet, try to push with his legs in a standing position or anything. But this week, He saw his feet and loved them.

2013 Fair,Josiah_241He also can hold toys for short periods of time.

2013 Fair,Josiah_265

And everything goes into the mouth! He is always poking his tongue out and wants to lick and taste everything. He BELLY laughs. Really, he does… and it stops all of us in our tracks.

2013 Fair,Josiah_252

Oh what a baby… He is still setting off the apnea monitor, forgetting to breathe when he sleeps; twice last night…but it is a lot less frequent.

2013 Fair,Josiah_279

Isn’t he beautiful?? Oh my heart, he has sure gotten a piece of mine. And now he is completely wowing his Daddy…  His hair has the cutest little curly-Q’s  …I could go on… and on…

I cannot believe we were so lucky to be chosen to be Josiah’s parents…What a blessing.


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