Lions and Tigers and Fleurs, Oh MY!!

13 CambCo fair 1_13Before the kids went back to school last month, I was determined we would go SOMEWHERE as a family together. I asked all of the kids. Amanda lives closest to the zoo, but she couldn’t come. Caleb couldn’t come, Levi couldn’t come and neither could Micah.

13 CambCo fair 1_12

As all the rest of us loaded into the van… a tear escaped. I love these kids and even though your momma heart knows the day will come when some leave the nest, when it happens, well let’s just say that you enjoy the day but think of things to say to the children that are not with you…

13 CambCo fair 1_09

The daisies were in bloom and all of these wonderful animals and Benjamin only saw all of the daisies blooming along the path. I think God had them there just for him. I never saw a child enchanted with every new black eyed Susan, or white and yellow daisy while two feet away an ostrich is looking at him. “Fleurs!!” he would say excitedly, bowling anyone over in the direct path to a  daisy blooming amongst the cracks in the path. We had to point out each and every animal, but until he had enough, he had a wonderful day!

One of Ian's pictures

One of Ian’s pictures

Eli loved the fish, the tanks were at eyelevel and he could see them himself. Faith and Mazie liked the elephants. Shyloh and Ian both liked the sharks. But, Ian discovered a love for the camera. I gave him the camera to take pictures and now he wants to take a class!! I put some of his shots on here.

13 CambCo fair 1_25

Josiah slept. But more than anything, it was a day with Ray. Ray has been so extremely busy with the new business that having a day with Daddy was more than a want. It really was a need.

Another of Ian's pictures

Another of Ian’s pictures

We did not get through the whole zoo.  Ben had a meltdown that I saw coming. It was inside one of the aquarium buildings… I moved him outside, let everyone know code BEN… He laid flat out a while in the middle of the path then took off, taking all of the right turns and paths, leading the way to the exit… Nothing at all wrong with his sense of direction!!

Benjamin leading the way!

Benjamin leading the way!

I forgot about this intended blog and the pictures until Ian asked me where they were and told me about signing up for a photography class!! He wanted to know if I used any on my blog… now I can say, YES 🙂

13 CambCo fair 1_56 13 CambCo fair 1_57



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