Blankie Boy

DSCN1570My grown up blankie boy.. is getting so big! Eli got his first big boy haircut and he looks so much older I want to glue it all back on. He agitates Benjamin to no end and loves on Josiah, calling him Wee wee wee… (all the way home) since Josiah always manages to pull off his socks and has bare toes flailing in the air.

DSCN1584Eli has decided he no longer needs a nap. He can climb out of his crib and fell asleep on the loveseat yesterday to prove he did not need a nap. He has figured out every child gate, can turn on the stove and burners (yeah I know, the knobs are now pulled off), and knows how to open the bathroom door.

DSCN1586Those alarms I bought for Benjamin have come in handy and we have caught Eli in the act of sneaking out of the front door!! He still has a problem with his balance and pushes chairs everywhere to reach what he cannot from his own two feet…and because his balance is not the greatest, he falls… So we have had a lot of boo boos… Thank God for the freeze pops!! Dual purpose, use them on the boo boo and then it helps them feel special!! This little guy is such a joy, full of life, a fighter and a love biter…

DSCN1581What did we ever do to deserve a blessing such as Eli?? NOTHING.


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