The Eli-Joe Sale


The Eli-Joe Sale

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A few weeks ago, I was getting calls and notices non-stop for medical bills that had fallen between the cracks of coverage for Eli and lots of copays for Josiah…


I asked God what I should do: and a garage sale came to mind. Our community has a yard sale every year at the same time at the very end of September. I put a status on my facebook page stating I was having a yard sale for the medical expenses for Eli and Josiah and donations of items poured in. I called it the Eli-Joe Sale. The church on the hill gladly donated their parking lot for us. Since we live out of the way, if we would have had it at our house, we would have missed much of the yard sale traffic.


In some cases, we picked up items…in other cases, people dropped things off. The piles of items grew and I began to worry. I had not really given much thought with HOW to conduct the sale with three babies under the age of five and transporting all of the things to the church. All of the boys work at the tire shop on Saturday morning, the day that the yard sale was scheduled.


But then came Becky… Becky is a family friend, full of gumption and drive, and most of all, had a plan !!


I left it all up to her to price everything and place everything and she did a great job! It so happened she had Friday off and asked to switch with someone for Saturday off too, and got it! Shyloh was her right hand helper. So we were in business!


Thanks to all of the friends and family who donated items and time and money, we raised $533.01, enough to pay off the oldest bill and one of the other bills for Josiah, and the phone is quiet! We do have a few things that did not move that we are going to put in a local auction facebook site so there will be a few more dollars added to that pot.  God is good!!



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