Urgent Domestic Special Need Situations

The first situation has been removed …

And Another Situation:

Community Adoption Network

Special Needs Infant Boy is in need of a forever family…

Alicia Quigley–volunteer for the Adopt America Network informed us about the following situation…

A Florida agency is looking for a family who is prepared and open to adopting a special needs baby boy.  He was born August 24 and is a US citizen of Guatemalan descent. He was full or almost full term. He was without oxygen for 15-17 minutes at birth. His brain MRI shows brain damage. He could be mildly to severely affected, there’s no way to know right now. He is breathing on his own, no 02 or ventilation support. He is currently doing well.

If you or someone you know are prepared and interested in adopting this awesome baby or if you would like to talk about possible future needs please email Alicia at alicia_quigley@yahoo.com

Thanks for considering adoption


3 comments on “Urgent Domestic Special Need Situations

  1. If I had the $ I would adopt this little girl in a heartbeat! Lost a little granddaughter to a heart condition this past Feb. 16th

  2. We have been asked to remove all of our posts about the unborn baby with HLHS, and we’re asking you to do the same. The listing agency contacted us directly to ask us to share this baby’s need; the need and the post were legitimate. They have been flooded with responses, and we are all very touched by the outpouring of love and concern we’ve seen. But some factors have changed, and they now want us to take down all posts having to do with this baby, and we are complying with their wishes. Thank you for caring about this baby and for doing what you did to share her need. And would you please ask others who shared this to delete their posts, too? Thank you.

    Administrative Assistant
    The Shepherd’s Crook

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