Urgent Situation: We love, just because…

My dear friends, there are some babies that God designs on his wheel for whom he has a designated purpose known only to him.

The world sees a baby such as this, much differently than God does. My heart breaks for this little one who needs a mommy and daddy or just mommy or daddy to hold and love and cherish. As of right now, no one has stepped forward and his time is running out. This little one is a newborn, born in TX.

So many of us wish we could make a difference. Making a difference happens when we love the children one at a time, against all odds, against  all logic…we love, just because….

URGENT, URGENT, URGENT adoption situation. Newborn baby boy with special needs (this baby does not have Down Syndrome). Family MUST be home study ready and available to travel this week. If your family is ready to travel, please send Sara a private message for more info. This is a very urgent situation!! Only a few days left before this angel goes into foster care…Discharge is scheduled for this week.   His condition is terminal. Fees are very low.  Please contact Sara sara@specialangelsadoption.org or 740-395-3097

The family can be from any state. I cannot share details publicly

Please share, and if you feel led, call Sara…go to TX…love him…be his mommy and daddy…even if no one else understands or sees; God does…he’s waiting for his family.


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