Two Special situations: Special Families needed

FOR UNITED KINGDOM FAMILIES ONLY: Looking for an adoptive family prepared to take a baby boy who is Black, British, with Down syndrome from birth.

Due in early Spring of 2014. Looking for heterosexual married couple, age and race do not matter, preferably Christian beliefs.

Would prefer a family who has a child with Down syndrome, or has experience working with children with special needs. Would love to meet the family once or twice before birth. Would love to have an open adoption via letters with pictures and the possibility of visits with the family once or twice a year.

Adoptive family MUST be approved to adopt by an accredited UK agency.

If you are interested, please email

And I was also sent this message:

Esther I have a situation that we haven’t had anyone in our group submit for. Can you help advocate for her?

Post this – I do not know anything other that what is posted below. Please contact the person listed.

Baby girl due in February. Potential special needs.

Both birth mother and birth father have mental health issues including bi-polar and schizophrenia.

Birth mother reports some alcohol use before finding out she was pregnant.

Baby will be Caucasian.

Fees are $25,000. Must be homestudy ready.


I also did find out that this baby will be born in a New England state.


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