Feeding my Monsters

Eyes fixed on mine blinking…smiling…cooing. Truck smashing into my forearm, “momma, momma…” As for me, my eyes were fixed on MY MONSTERS.


After all, they needed fed, they needed to grow.. “I’ll get the money,” says my son who is just as fixated as I am…

The money pot grows, my monsters grow… I breed them and reach new levels, but…

It is not real, it is fantasy, it has no meaning: exactly what I wanted, or I thought I wanted.

Days or was it weeks before, I told Ray, “ I need to do something mindless…” I just felt so stressed, and promptly downloaded one of the many available mindless apps… Ray looked at me skeptically, but said nothing…after 25 years of marriage, he is quite smart!


And it was truly mindless, it took my mind!!

oH me oh my…

A few days ago, I had enough who cares, let those stupid things die.

I once again am fixated by the dark, shining, smiling eyes of my son as he coos into my ears…sounds much sweeter than any singing monsters.

And, Ben no longer can “get the money…” honestly what was that teaching him?

And my little fireball Eli can smash the truck into my arm, say “momma” and get an immediate response.

Whew, talk about stress…those monsters were stressful.

So glad to be stress free!!



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