January Joy

DSCN2179So many reasons not to have it… but I choose JOY!!


Mazie moo turned nine years old on the third of the month.


Eli turned two on the thirteenth.



We celebrated Ian’s sixteenth birthday on the 2oth although is birthday is actually Christmas Eve…


January Joy

Belly laughs from Josiah


Escapes from Eli


Smiles from Benjamin and a lot of fits: January is not his month, EVER. He needs more sunshine and outside.

Benjamin and Eli

Benjamin and Eli

Faith is maturing.


Shyloh hates cyber school, so we are either going back to homeschooling or back to brick and mortar to finish the year. I have not yet decided.

mazie and shyloh

mazie and shyloh

Ray and I got to get away for a night!! A whole night! No phone calls, no interruptions nothing…just Ray and I and Hidden Valley, a nice dinner out and breakfast and lots of “us time” . Mazie wanted to come and I told her no she didn’t because there would be some kissing…”YUCK” she said and that was the end of that!


So in January, choose joy!! Plan fun things, get away if you can and most importantly know it is just the season. The sun will return, the birds will chirp and the grass will grow green someday….


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