###They have Enough Families for this situation## whoo hoo!!!

Are you ready?

There is an urgent need for a home study ready OH family.

Baby boy is due Jan 30th

This precious one rocks the extra chromosome…He has Down Syndrome.

He is Caucasian or biracial.

The fees for this adoption will be $13,000.

I don’t know anything more about this situation, so if you are interested please contact : sara@specialangelsadoption.org

Please share this post, let’s find this little guy a FAMILY !!

AND if you live in another state and are interested in special needs situations, I cannot speak highly enough about this great, free, special needs matching service. The volunteer workers do this just because they know: Each special one matters and has a family…the family may just have not been found yet.

Their web site is : http://www.specialangelsadoption.org

If you are considering adoption and are not READY…you cannot help if you are not ready!! So, if this situation touches your heart, maybe there is a reason for that. Maybe you are supposed to be ready !!



  1. How I wish we could take this little guy. Our daughter was born with Down Syndrome on Nov. 14th and I could not imagine not loving and caring for her just like our older son’s. If only parent’s understood the blessing that these children are to a family.

  2. A client forwarded a FB post about a child soon to be born with Down Syndrome. The Greater Cincinnati Down Syndrome Assoc. Has a list of more than 100 families hoping to adopt a child with Down Syndrome. Not all are home study ready. The org will be very helpful to you. Good luck.

    • due to the immediate nature of this situation a home study ready family was requested, also in the requirement was OH residency… that narrows down the families significantly. The NDSAN is a wonderful organization and they are also searching for the family for this little guy. Thank you so much for the information.

  3. how I wish I was able to adopt this lil boy!!!! maybe one day my fiancé and I can afford.. we both would love to have him. I hope he finds a home soon!!!

  4. I tried to respond but it won’t let me I would take him but I don’t have 13000 dollars I am a foster parent already in Georgia

  5. I’m sorry his parents feel they cannot parent him. I trust a family will be found. The fee of $13,000 borders on selling a child. This is not right. You will not convince me someone is not making a profit on this adoption. I am an adoptive parent. There are legitimate fees but they are no where near $13,000. A lot of potentially good parents are eliminated because that is a lot of money and most families do not have that much to spare.

    • I know. Shouldn’t these “agencies” be asking less money so the parent’s have something to spend on the child to actually CARE for a down syndrome baby? If I had the money and the means to take this baby, I would. But asking 13,000 to adopt is crazy. These children just needs homes in general and deserve the love and care any other child without a disability would get! They need to focus on that instead of putting a price on a child!

    • Absolutely correct Red. We adopted through our state and it only cost the attorney’s fees for the paperwork…$800 if I remember. But, there may be extenuating circumstances we don’t know about. The cost is certainly a big question “WHY”.

  6. why the 13,000 $ ?? If this child has special needs I would thank you wouldn’t have to pay to get him or any child with or without special needs . so many of us would take him and love him and give him all we have…GOD BLESS HIM & ALL THE BABIES ..sharing this….

    • I completely agree with you. I would adopt and love these children immediately. I am a mom of 4 children who are my life and my inspiration. I appreciate life and the chance God gave me to be a mom which was not a very easy road due to infertility issues. There are many parents out there that can love and provide for these children but the expense of $13000.00 is really uncalled for. That money is money that the family will need to provide for a children with special needs. Sounds like a whole lot of profit making here. While you have a great cause, does it really require $13000.00 to place a child with another family? I think not!!!

  7. 13,000? Is that going rate for babies these days. I don’t know why this bothers me?? I have a son with downs and well I could never put a price on him! I would love to care for this baby as I’m sure many would! This just seems wrong…selling children….idk….love is priceless! God bless this baby, may he have a family who knows how blessed they will be to have him/ her in their lives!

    • The money we had to spend for our agency was for the advertising of us to families needing adoptive parents for their child. Then we have to pay a separate fee for the attorney’s fee after we get our child. We are currently on a waiting list until the birth family chooses us. We can’t wait to be blessed with another baby. We are in TN so we can’t get this precious baby. We will continue to pray and wait.

  8. Is there more information on why the adoptive family must be from Ohio? I went to the Special Angels website, and am not sure where I could find that information.

    • I think they have enough OH families to pick from now. Many times the birth momma wants to have physical contact or for reasons of subsidy it is best to stay in the same state. Also, if the baby were to be hospitalized for a long time, they may want continuum in the same care facility. There can be many reasons why.

  9. I am not sure what a home study family is I am an Ohio resident, currently a mom of a child with ds and would love infrmation. Kim O.

    • A homestudy is a paperwork process of approval for a family to adopt. It includes clearances to make sure you are a safe family, medical information about you and your spouse, financial information, a biography of your life, references, a home visit, employer references. It takes a while to compile the documents and be approved that is why the post said home study ready!! maybe you want to get ready for another situation!


      • Barbara, with due respect we have never bought a baby. Our first placement was from foster care. He was eighteen months old after a disruption from another adoptive home with a long list of medical and psychological problems. He is now sixteen and has attachment disorder remaining. Have you dealt with that? Do you know what damage the foster system can do to some children? After that experience we knew we could help children with medical needs and rather than accept another placement from foster care, we determined to do what we could to prevent ones that were vulnerable from falling into foster care. And that is our mission. What price can you put on that? If you see my next blog, I address the cost issue and the response people have to paying the cost. Hope you can find some peace.

    • special angels does not work directly with any agency… agencies contact special angels when they have a need for a special family. Families are already registered with special angels. Outreach like this is only done if no families in the database fit the requirements of the birth family or placing agency.

  10. You know what really upsets me. This little guy needs a loving home and they are putting a price tag on that. There are many loving families, that would love to have him, or cant have children of their own but does not have this large amount of money. I think that if you pass a background check with references stating what type of person you are, there should not be a fee. What is more important, the money or this little guy. I am 40 yrs old,a mother of 3 adult children and a grandmother of one. I love children. I am a great person and have so much love to give. but do not have access to this amount of money. I will pray each and every day that this lil guy finds a loving family and soon.

  11. 13k is about right, when we adopted my daughter 4 years ago, the lawyer fees were 13k, it was a private no agency involved adoption. It is really a shame the cost of adoption is so outrageous, when it is the cost that keeps so many kids in foster care , I hope someone can adopt this little Angel!

    • In Ohio if you are a foster/adoptive home and you adopt a child from foster care it is FREE, you pay the few hundred dollars in court costs up front but then you get reimbursed. You also receive a monthly stipend of at least a couple hundred dollars after adoption till the child turns 18, plus if you cannot provide insurance that is provided until 18 as well.

  12. There are a LOT of posts here about the cost. While you are correct that things need to change in this area, I think the cost was mentioned in this post because it’s so small compared to most adoptions. It appears to be a reduced price, as they often are in special needs adoptions. You should get educated about adoption…$30,000 or $40,000 is not unusual or unheard of, for example in an international adoption. Politicians who have a heart for adoption have wanted to pass laws for waivers, etc. but rarely get far enough into the election process to succeed. Bless this child and the parents who chose life and made this beautiful difficult decision.

    • I’m educated Denise, I’ve adopted three times. $30,000 to $40,000 is legal baby selling. People are making profits off babies and that is wrong.

  13. We would seriously open our lives an sheets to this child!!! We have just finished our foster papers to start being able to give back but to be able to fully adopt this precious child; now that would be amazing!!!! Why so expensive? We don’t have that kind of money but are there grants or any way to get help in raising money for the process.

    • If you adopt this child I will help with whatever I can. I work with individuals who have special needs and have experience. I can help give you advice or help you find good resources and other stuff just Facebook message me explaining that you want to adopt this boy with DS and I’ll reply back. I support you so much and thanks for doing something that I truly want to do, but for me it would be like a kid raising a kid and that’s not what this child needs at all because we’d end up living on the street sense my parents have been old and done raising kids for years, this situation is just so sad and unfair.

  14. Do you have to be in ohio and do you need that money up front, I have been looking into adopting or fostering a child with Down syndrome I have a 17years experience in the field with special needs adults and children.

  15. Would like more information . We ars currently foster parent with Crawford county and we have a 10 year old son with DS

  16. The urgency to place this special little boy should out way paying a price of 13000.00!!!! Why and who recieves this large sum of money? One would think that if there was a loving, ready, and willing family to take this precious gift from God into their loving arms that those fees would and should not be involved.

  17. I am very interested in adopting a child with down syndrome. I am a family law attorney in Memphis, TN and will be able to get an expedited home study. My telephone number is 901-277-3277.

  18. If I had $13,000 for the adoption, I would do this in a heartbeat. I had a very young hysterectomy so I can’t have anymore children. As many of my friends and family are having babies I struggle with how much I wish I could have another baby. Babies born with Down Syndrome need loving and supporting families just as much as any new baby.

  19. They are not selling a baby. There are fees for adoption, attorney fees, and hospital fees for baby and his mother, etc. They are only letting the potential adoptive parents know the cost. Ask any parent who has adopted children what their fees are. It might truly surprise you the cost is higher than that when it’s all said and done. It cost all of us when we had a baby, and mine had to be in a different hospital after birth, so having a child isn’t free for anyone. If so, I’m living on the wrong planet!

  20. Yes, the $13000 is ridiculous. If they can’t find a family willing to pay that, he will go into foster care and they will end up paying that much to a family to adopt him! Love adoption for the families who are blessed by it, but so tired of the ridiculous fees that they charge. I don’t understand why people go to jail for selling their own babies, when the lawyers are doing the exact same thing but with someone elses baby!

    • that being said, I do believe there is still a $12500 tax credit for adoption, but of course you still need to have the money upfront and then you would get it back at tax time.

  21. Why aren’t they planning on relinquishing parental rights so that the child goes into foster care? That way the adoption will be free rather than 13,000, his medical will be paid for at least until he is 18 and the family will get a monthly stipend till at least 18 as well.

  22. I would absolutely love to take this little guy in a heartbeat. We could never afford 13,000.00.
    My prayers are with you the little boy and finding a family to help his needs.
    God Bless your Day

  23. If the parents are refusing to care for the child, is that not a child protective services issue? And if so…why could a social worker not do some preplanning and find a preapproved home, know who the adoptive home is going to be before his birth, and then do a formal removal of custody on paper from his biological parents at birth? His forever adoptive family could then take him straight home from the hospital and there’s no disruption to this special needs child. Done that way, there’s no adoption fee, and there should be post adoption financial support to help care for the child over his lifetime.

  24. If I’m remembering correctly, you can claim back adoption fees on your following year’s taxes. I agree that it feels wrong to have to pay anything to adopt, there are lawyer fees, medical expenses, etc. I do wish that there was a way for adoption to be cheaper.

  25. I can’t believe that legal costs and other incidentals could possibly be $13,000. With all the Law Firms in Ohio you can’t tell me that there aren’t a half dozen or more that wouldn’t do the work Pro Bono.

  26. Oh, my goodness! These parents are not refusing to take care of this baby! They are making a loving choice, knowing that they can not provide him with everything that want for him. They want to be able to know that he is ok and with a family that they feel some type of connection to. They have every right to place their child for adoption and have an open adoption if they choose. We have an open adoption with our son’s birth mother and feel it can be a very healthy relationship.
    The comments on here really surprise me! We’ve done three adoptions all $16k and under, international and domestic, special needs and not special needs. Those are LOW fees especially for international where our daughter was taken care of in a “good” orphanage for 1 1/2 years while our paperwork was processed. We are not rich by any means and neither are most of the people I know who adopt. With our first adoption, we were a single income family and I was in nursing school. We scrimped and saved and used income tax money, but we found a way.

  27. If there is such an emergency need to place this baby why charge $13k?? Legal fees or adoption services fees. It’s really sick how much money people make doing what should be done out of an act of love. And FTR, we have adopted 8 children. This post makes me sick!

  28. Okay question we were certified foster to adopt in the state of Ohio and did not re up our lic in November. is our home study no good? Is there a way to expidit them? And for the money do they make payment plans?

    • They now have enough families, but for future reference…I don’t know the requirements of OH. Each state has requirements for placement. I know in CA a placement can happen in the situation you describe and the home study has to be compliant by the time the adoption finalizes. As far as the placement fee, I am not sure the agency would have had to be consulted prior to the birth families seeing your profile. In some cases, some agencies will. But in my experience, most will not place without the payment being paid in full. There are grants that some families apply for to make it financially possible for them to adopt. Hope that helps!

  29. I cannot adopt him. But I will volunteer to be their midwife free of charge, that should cut the price considerably. As others have said it sounds ludicrous to set the adoption fee so high!

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