The Price of a Life


We had the go rounds too… the cost of adoption: the price of a life…

I am adamantly pro-Life…I don’t apologize for my stance. I believe it completely and know it is supported medically, logically, morally and naturally…thCAHI26YK


In the eighties: I was there, part of an adoption rescue operation, where the leaders were arrested…but them being arrested did nothing really but to show they protested the action of abortion. There was no counter action… nothing proactive to help the woman have clarity long before this walk down the sidewalk, and nothing to do with the baby after she chose life…

Adoption; people heard of it through social services or a church sponsored adoption agency; but no one really knew how to REACH them. There was no advertising, no outreach to the expectant moms showing this very viable option for their unplanned pregnancy.

I know, I was there.


Enter today: everyone knows about the adoption option. The difference is advertising. What does advertising cost? Depends. Who always pays for advertising? The person who uses the service.

Licensing…all adoption agencies or lawyers must be licensed which means they have an LSW( at least a masters in social work with a licensure) on staff or a law degree…what does a law degree cost? What does an MSW cost? Who pays for their certifications? The clients.

Who reimburses the agency for costs spent on insurance for the business? Licensing costs?

Office space/telephone and internet costs/ 800 number costs, costs of a secretary to answer the phone…who pays for the office space and service? The customer.

Who pays for the gas to meet the birth parents at a location convenient to them? Who pays for the counselling time before and after the birth of the baby?

Who pays for the gift card for socks and underwear or maternity clothes, rides to the doctor, that the agency paid out of pocket so she could choose life for her baby?

Who pays for the time spent on birth parents who choose life…but parent?

Who pays for the costs to file the proper paperwork to change the birth certificate, have ICPC taken care of, the releases for you to see the baby in the hospital?

 Should the agency workers not have health insurance for themselves because they do the service all pro bono?


 The state foster care system is free…but is it? Who pays the salaries of all of the social workers, directors? Who pays for their health insurance? Who pays for their gas mileage and their licensing updates and classes? OUR TAXES

One thing that cannot be overlooked… A few people asked the question “why not just sign the baby over to the state…”

 Do you know what you are asking? There is shame in that, this woman is a good momma to her other children maybe …maybe a highschool student, maybe temporarily unable to afford the baby…maybe just like you…

why should she not have the right to pick out the family she wishes to parent her child? Why should she not have the right to an open adoption? Pictures over their lifetime?

If she signs the rights over to the state, they open an investigation…who wants that in their life? One of the things people are the most afraid of is Children and Youth services getting a case file opened on themselves and their family and children and lifestyle…

Do you really want her to choose life? Or just choose life the way you want her too…out of sight out of mind someone else take care of it…

Or, you know, just give me the baby and it costs me nothing…

One thing I have learned in this life. Anything of value COSTS…

th[2]By the Way, I in no way represent special angels adoption or any other adoption agency, lawyer or other entity… I am just a mom of special needs adoptive kids that knows Every baby or child has a family…


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