Needed: Churches, Temples, Houses of Worship, and Your Passion

It’s coming very soon!  Friday, March 21st 

World Down syndrome Day


As part of this celebration, The Down Syndrome Adoption Network , , is asking that you would help share the need for more adoptive families for children with Down syndrome.

That you would share it in your



and houses of worship!

What better way is there to show your passion?

concerts and Josiah 089

There is a great need to have diverse families on the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network registry in EVERY state!! The desires of birth families are so important!!   As of right now, the NDSAN does not even have ANY families registered in the following states:





North Dakota

Rhode Island

South Dakota


And in other states, there are very few families…


So to bring your churches on board, the NDSAN is asking that you speak to your church family and ask that the following bulletin insert is handed out on the weekend of Sat and Sun; March 15th and 16th

If you need a jpeg file or other file type for this insert please contact ndsan:

Please, let’s show the families that cannot parent their baby or child with Down syndrome, that their child is precious, wanted, loved, desired and has a purpose!! Make it easy for them to choose LIFE by helping expand the family pool!

And as always, the NDSAN does not charge families!

Thank you all in advance!


When is it Enough?

I have no connection to NDSAN, just love what they do and share their PASSION…


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