A whiff of Irish Spring and Give me Jesus

“Screaming again, Benjamin”…

“Eli, let him play by himself”,

papers spread all over the floor in messy piles…CPA calling and needing me to wrap it up…

Finally, Benjamin doing a puzzle, Eli quiet…Josiah sleeping…

Quickly matching the proper interest files…

Looking up, the reddish head child who fears nothing…

Eli..his cheeks all flushed red saying one of his few words…”uh oh”

that is never good…

Wet dripping body, cold, wet dripping body…pointing finger to the…bathroom.

Plugged sinks, cold water cascading over the front of the vanity, dual sinks, dual waterfalls…

Floor a puddle, Irish spring scent floating in the air as the soap boat tries to find its way over the top of the falls…

“Give me Jesus” blasting from my Pandora account back at my work area…

Bowls buckets

And Jesus

Somehow, Jesus…gave me the breath, the calm, the presence to just turn off the spigots, grab a bowl and bail into the bucket…and not scream and breathe and send the gentlemen up to their room..

Third time this week, I need a floor drain.


One comment on “A whiff of Irish Spring and Give me Jesus

  1. Maybe instead of the floor drain, shut off the water when you are busy. If they can’t get any water to come out of the faucet, they can’t start a flood. Your floors and walls will be ruined if these kind of floods keep happening. Black mold will grow on the back sides of your drywall and that can be toxic! Leave the boys a small bucket of water for washing their hands, but turn the water OFF when they are on their own (until they are older at least). This may shut off water to the whole house, so you would have to limit the amount of time the water is off (or you may harm your hot water heater). Good luck, Esther. It always seems to be something BIG going on at your house all of the time. I don’t know how you handle all of the issues you have to on a daily basis. You MUST be a saint! Take care, Cousin Elizabeth

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