Day 11: time to Weigh and measure

I started a blog to chronicle my journey to health… I was getting fat old and tired and I have kiddos to raise and love…I did not have time for that. Since I turned 48, losing weight is no longer an easy prospect, I was trying and nothing was happening….so I turned to a product that seems to work so well for other adoptive moms who get no sleep… It is based on nutrition and vitamins.

BSM's journey to health

I wasn’t sure how things would go today.

I  weigh myself and find I only lost 4.6 pounds after all that work 😦

BUT! I lost 14.5 inches!

Measurement areas were:


upper arms both right and left.






upper thigh both right and left.

calves both right and left

I lost from every area, but the winners were: diaphragm 3 inches, abdomen 2 inches and waist 1 3/4 inches ! So I must admit that is my trouble area and I love to see losses of it.. Here are comparison pictures:

11days 11days

Front Front day 1

Day 11 Day 11

  Day1 Day1

Day11 Day11

front Day 1 front Day 1

The difference is very obvious in the side view 🙂 so exciting!!  In case you are wondering, what system I am using is Isogenix (R) for more information, you can comment on here, or follow this link:

And Yes, I am

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