It’s the Small Things

My son, I wish in some way we could connect; Where you look at me with comprehension and understand that I love you. Where the barriers to communication are completely removed, but until then…


It is the small things.

Last night, he crawled in bed behind me for a squeeze…He laughed as I squeezed him and he hugged me back.

He created his first masterpiece.


A picture without lines to follow, or letters; beautiful to me…

He learned to do dot to dot!! He cannot recognize the pictures he makes, but he understands the concept of following the dots and quitting when the numbers run out!


That is huge!! Usually he cannot stop in mid counting, he must FINISH… something has connected.  This is a new thing he has learned!! These small things I look for: I pray for, and it makes me feel so grateful for improvement, for growing, for progress.







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