Sharing Tears

Nothing bonds two women more than sharing tears.

I was torn up and could not hide it. Everyone knew since I could not hide my pregnancy…and loss…

She talked to me, cried with me and in our mingling tears and hugs…she made me feel blessed, so blessed to have her as a friend, so blessed to have the children who were in my arms.

She knew because she had been there too.


This week it is time to tell her goodbye.

She was my sister in tears, in life, in loving…And I will miss her.

It is times like this that I know:

Life was never meant to be fair

Life was never meant to hoard

Life was meant to be embraced, poured out, and fully enjoyed

And life always ends before we are ready for it.


Beth, fly with the angels, see the face of Jesus, plant a few flowers, ride the best horse, and meet your baby that is waiting for you…

See you one day and we can catch up on our blessings!

Heaven is so much sweeter as I get older and more of my family and friends are on the other side

This is NOT my home, I am just a traveler here…



By Esther Posted in grief

One comment on “Sharing Tears

  1. This is the most beautiful writing! Very heartfelt. Beth still IS one of the most amazing women to have ever waalked this earth. Heaven is lucky this Angel came home ♡

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