Day 30 and I lose again!!

These are my 30 day results. I am looking for a return to total health and fitness 🙂

BSM's journey to health

You know, with this program, weight is falling off!

At my age I have tried it all from the grapefruit diet, to the juice diet.

AT one time, all of those diets worked and I lost weight… but this time it was different.

I found myself, 48, unhappily heavy…my vision in my mind of who I was did not match what I saw every day in the mirror.

My solution? not look in the mirror.

Side 2/27/14 Day1 Side 2/27/14

front Day 1 front Day 1

But clothes tell their story. When you hold up pants that look so big that it triggers a memory long ago of a dress up chest.

In the dress-up chest were clothes from my Aunt Dessie. Aunt Dessie, bless her heart was the only one of my great aunts who was heavy.

As children, two of us would get into Aunt Dessie’s clothes and laugh about it… we have…

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