Needed: Three different adoptive families for Three Preschoolers

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April 8, 2014: 7:19pm  sara from special angels adoption says that she still especially needs families for the little girl…

situation 2. So please, if you are considering contacting sara concerning the little princess that has a syndrome that is similar to autism in behavioral characteristics… please do!! th[9]

Situation 1

He is only four, He is Caucasian.

He is one of 68…He has autism.

He needs someone to help him through life, someone who will fight for him!

He is not defined by his diagnosis. He can do so many things!!

He is high functioning and can only become who god designed him to be, if he has a family.
from head to toe 027

Situation 2

She is hard to handle, she can be difficult, she loves all of your attention.

But, at four years old, and with a developmental syndrome similar to autism, who can determine what she will do?

What she will accomplish? What her capabilities will be…God knows…

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