Missionary needed: fully sponsored to Mosambique

When I was young, I can remember the missionaries talking to the children’s church about what they did and the countries in which they served…I thought maybe someday I would like to be a missionary. But, God never made that clear to me and without that “call” to move away and completely be engrossed in mission work in another country, I just could not do it without having a clear path and a “knowing from Him.”

But there are people who right now are called. They know they are supposed to go, but do not know where. Since I am unashamedly a Christian, and know that God has called us to work for orphans, I know people reading this blog share the same heart…Maybe the person they are looking for is reading this…

Years ago, when I homeschooled my older children, there was a lady who came to talk to the homeschool group. She was warm funny and, most of all, knew, she was doing what she was put on this earth to do for God.

The other day, it was not a mistake, there are never coincidences, but God appointments: a friend’s post showed up on my facebook newsfeed. Bush Bunny Brenda, this wonderful woman, is now seeking someone to serve with her…

I share this with her permission, in her own words:

It is with a sad heart that I inform you of Associate Director Eric Dry’s plans to step down in JUNE from full time missions here in Balama. Eric has been with us for 11 years now and has been a vital partner in caring for our technical, mechanical, computer, and solar needs (as well as provided the radio programs in 2 counties).

Needless to say, this leaves me with a GREAT NEED for a person to share the load of caring for the orphans in our program. The program has grown tremendously over the last 11 years and after running it as the ONLY missionary for 3 months last year while Eric was in South Africa, I can tell you, the work load is too much for 1 person.

God has provided the finances for another missionary, for which I’m most grateful!FULL SPONSORSHIP IS AVAILABLE, via one of our donors, for anyone willing to give 9-12 months of their life to help out!

We are looking for someone with the following attributes:
1. Mature Christian with a heart for children in a foreign land
2. A “doer” personality, as well as a love for challenges and small town/country living
3. MISSIONS EXPERIENCE (at least 1 third world missions trip)
4. Recommended via e-mail letter by your Pastor or Missions Director
5. No major health issues and NO DUST allergies.
6. Enjoys an active life style, daily challenges, working with children, and supervising food distributions to orphans.
7. Teachable attitude, take instructions well, and able to flex with the jobs needed (multi-tasking and organizational skills very helpful)

8. Able to learn basics of Portuguese language via a computer course. Spanish speakers will pick up Portuguese without problems.
9. Enjoys doing a variety of active programs that requires walking, standing, and supervising. (most work is done 6a.m. to 12 noon daily)10. Not required, but helpful if can drive a “standard shift” pick-up truck. (we will gladly teach you.)

Program explanation:

Our main emphasis in 2014/15 will be 2 fold:
1. Children’s evangelism using sports and games programs to reach the children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Missionary will assist with the games and keeping order as our Youth Pastors provide the teaching program.Missionary is highly encouraged to participate with puppets, dramas, etc. and do teaching if that is there gift.
2. Food distribution to 2,500+ orphans and the widows caring for them. Missionary will assist in supervising the loading of the corn and beans from one of our warehouses, onto one of our flatbed trucks, as well as the unloading and distribution of it in the villages. Our Mozambican staff is well trained in this and do the job very well. Nothing hard about it.
3. Everyone helps out at the mission with the daily work of distributing items as needed for the children’s programs.Clothing, school materials, evangelism materials, etc.

4. Assists with the daily routines of operation and maintenance of the mission station according to your technical skills. We live on a 40 acres of land with plenty of room for gardening if that is something you enjoy.
5. If a driver, assist in hauling supplies to nearby villages and picking up supplies in the nearby town.

1. Round Trip tickets from nearest airport where you live, to Pemba, Mozambique.
2. Visas and Residency Documents.
3.Medical Evacuation insurance (Global Rescue) to South Africa in case of a serious illness or accident. South Africa has medical care equivalent to the USA’s best hospitals.
4. Top Quality Hospitalization insurance (varies according to age)
5. Covers food, clothes washing, and a small monthly personal allowance for toiletries, food treats, etc.
6. HOUSING: You’ll live in a small 3 room brick house on our mission base with concrete floors, screened windows and private bathroom (bucket flush toilet).It comes with a gas burner stove, solar refrigerator, computer with internet, solar lights and fan inside the mosquito net over a double bed.

If YOU sense the calling, OR know of someone who is called by the Lord Jesus to “step out in faith to help us save others in Mozambique, then please send me an e-mail so we can chat about it.brenda@orphansunlimited.org

Check out our website to learn more about us: www.orphansunlimited.org

You never know how the Lord may direct your steps.
Remember, Jesus isn’t looking for the “qualified” as much as He is for the willing and obedient.
Blessings and much thanks for passing on this message to your missions minded friends.

Brenda Lange, President, Orphans Unlimited, Inc


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