Pennsylvania Families only: Urgent


Update: 4/15/14 The birthmomma has taken three profiles home to decide between those families. So no additional profiles are needed.

Updated again : 12:24 pm Eastern Time  4/14/14

UPDATED INFORMATION ON REQUIREMENTS: 4/14/14 at 12:01 pm Eastern Time


I must admit, for this little one, I feel a bit selfish

I thought, maybe it is our next child, but I don’t want to force God’s hand…


Please only contact the agency if :


You are home study ready from ANY STATE…And you have less than three children:

If you do not fit this profile, please do not contact the agency,

it just wastes the worker’s time!!


We want to find the BEST family for this precious little boy

He was born the end of March of this year.

He was born in PA and is still in the hospital, because, he rocks the extra chromosome!!

He has mosaic Down syndrome.

He will be released THIS WEEK!!

His momma chose life!! That is the best news,

but due to her addictions, he was exposed to things he should not have been…but she chose LIFE!!

She is Hep C positive and although her levels are low, he does have a risk of contracting that.

Please do your homework on Hep C.

This little guy is half Caucasian. Since he is born in PA, there is a thirty day period for birthmother to change her mind. The unknown birthfather will be advertised in order for termination of his rights.

March April 2013 043

+IF you are Home study READY right now READY not in a week or two… or have a question about it…


+IF you have less than three children…



If Both are true:

Contact: Maggie at haven adoptions dot com

That is Maggie (at) haven adoptions (dot) com

Oh my goodness…someone is going to be very blessed!!!!


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