Due in June

You can tell a lot about the agency in the way they work to find homes for their most vulnerable.

I spoke to Inna Pecar, director of KidsFirst Adoption today and found a kindred spirit.

She has a heart for the orphan and especially the special needs orphans who wait.


AT this time, their agency has a need for a married family that is homestudy ready for a special one that is due in June.

This little guy, through screening, has been found to have a cleft lip and palate and Down syndrome.

He will be born in Indiana to a birth momma who has a lot of love for her little pumpkin and wants the right family for him. So, you will need to travel to Indiana when the baby is born.


Please do not apply if you are not prepared for the unknowns that are associated with the diagnosis of Down syndrome. Because even though the doctors are doing their job, sometimes things just are not evident until the time of birth. You must be prepared to make a commitment to the unknowns before you say YES to him…please know if you are not ready to make this commitment, there are others who are and he WILL have a family.


I know many of you who read this blog have adopted, are adopting or are interested in adoption.

But, once again, if you are not homestudy ready do not clog up the agency’s phone lines trying to talk to them.


The family needed:to recap:

+ Married

+ Open to unknowns and willing to commit to this precious baby

+ And definitely completed and ready homestudy, current or updated as of today.


If this describes your family, contact Inna Pecar or her staff at KidsFirst Adoption Services at 317-843-2300


Inna wished for me to let you all know, if you are interested in children with Down syndrome, she has many in Bulgaria waiting for their families   Right now she is waiting to match a little girl two years old with Down syndrome. This country is easy to adopt from she told me and you can begin the process even prior to a completed homestudy

Along with working in Bulgaria their agency also places children from the Ukraine, where many children are right now waiting for a family. There are healthy children and older sibling groups that need you. She assured me, that adoptions are continuing there without interruption.

So if this is of interest to you, please contact KidsFirst Adoption Services at  317-843-2300 and be sure to like their facebook page


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