Updates: Three Preschoolers

Sara from Special Angels has the following update regarding the three preschoolers needing placement:
The four year old boy with autism: there are two families and that is sufficient at this time.

The three year old girl with a condition similar to autism: there is one family undergoing the extensive agency screening so there is no need for more families.

The little three year old boy with autism: Sara has not heard from the momma, but she has enough families should she contact her again.
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The response for children that are not newborns is definitely lower than for newborns. So, especially when these situations are presented, share the heck out of them 🙂

Special Angels adoption always is in need for families especially those interested in older children. They do not get these situations often, but when they do, they have very few families to present. If you are interested in older than infant children with special needs, please do contact Sara and register with special angels.

If you are a family interested in special needs infant adoption,  there is also a place for your family here. There is nothing more heartbreaking as a special needs placement worker than having a family or agency contact them and have no immediate resource  families to present as adoptive placement possibilities.

Something to consider.

And my caveat, I do not and have never worked for any of the agencies or matching services that I try to help. I just know God has provided this forum as a way to spread the need when warranted. I no more work for them than you do when you hit SHARE 🙂 so lets keep working together !


2 comments on “Updates: Three Preschoolers

  1. Esther, I’m confused. In your writing you ask us to share. Normally I get that, but in the beginning of this post it says no families are need for each of these cases. Do they still need shared?

    • I am sorry if I confused you. I thank all of you for sharing the situations. All I meant was that for the older than infant situations, the applicant pool is very low. So the NEXT time there are older children waiting for a family, just share them a bit more so there are families to choose from. At this time, these situations though, are closed 🙂 Sorry for the confusion!

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