The Melancholy Days

God has done wonderful things, but I have been having some melancholy days.

Two years ago, Easter was spent in the hospital with Eli.

Anniversaries, even good ones, make me reflective.


I found a time capsule during my spring cleaning.

There was a basket of coupons expiring in May of 2012, a pocket calendar, phone numbers for the home health nurse we had for Eli to help me teach him to suck.

Bills from March and April of 2012, long paid, probably the following month, overdue.

One day things were ticking along, and the next day, we were life flighted to Pittsburgh and Eli was so sick and almost did not survive.

And these items lay here tucked away…forgotten.

Pittsburgh Hospital for Children 011


But, how quickly the time has gone. Now, two years later.. TWO YEARS!

The time capsule tells the story,


The year I found out that, with God,  I was much stronger than I ever imagined.

The year I found that miracles happen, even to simple people like me.

Right before my very eyes.

Humbling, treasured times.

Easter 2012 003

Easter 2012 005

A few weeks after returning home, we fostered a little baby for two months.

He had a prenatal stroke.

While that family waited for ICPC, we loved him.

Such a crazy time!

4th of July 2012 064

We had Eli who needed therapy and Ethan who also had therapy.

They were only five months apart and both were going through withdrawals.

I was delirious.

Eli therapy and Ethan hospital 038


What an honor to be used. What a privilege to make a difference.


BTW, The time stamp on the pictures should be 2012 🙂 not 2011… I programmed it wrong…haha I never noticed until now!!

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