Immediately Needed, Family for a 3 year old Russian princess

I prayed long and hard through the night so that I would have the right words to say.


Unless we have the same family situation, have the exact same support structure (which may be none) as the placing family, we have no idea what this family has struggled with since bringing her home.

If a birth parent places, and we say; they placed out of love for the child, they looked at where they were, the resources they had and decided it was better for the baby to place that little one into other loving arms. Taking all of the shame that still is present today for their decision to make the right choice for their baby…

WE need to apply that same measure for a family that has gone through all of the paperwork pregnancy, fly overseas, sacrifice to bring a princess into their home, only to find they cannot do this!! And out of love for her, take on the shame of the adoption community, lay down their pride and place her in another family. We need to support the decision of a birth parent as well as the decision of an adoptive parent.

This little three year old toddler, born in Russia, brought to the us, needs a new home.

She has recently been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (fas) and has some mental delays along with physical disabilities.

She also has some emotional issues,

Her parents are serious about re-adoption to a family with three or less children.

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*If your family is homestudy ready

*If your family has three or less children

Please consider this little girl. She has gone through so much and NONE of it is her fault. She needs a very special family; her family is out there. So, please share and share and share again…

If the above describes your family:


Contact Attorney Cheri Patrick in North Carolina

At: ccplaw (at) msn (dot) com that is ccplaw @ msn . com


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