Family needed for a baby boy due September 20

Families have been sent in application of this situation. There is no need for more families 🙂 Thank you for applying and/or sharing!

Not here yet, but soon!!


This little one has a Caucasian Momma and a Hispanic Daddy.

She is due September 20th.

This Momma has placed 8 children for adoption in the past and the birth Daddy will consent to the adoption.

This baby has been exposed to Methamphetamine, but the Momma says she has stopped.

His Momma lives KS and will deliver there.

Fees are $33,000 including legal.


If you are:

  • A traditional family

  • have other children

  • have a current homestudy ONLY

If those three things are true and you have the funds in place:

Please contact : Gloria at  Hands Outreach Adoption Services


Email: lorit08 (at) yahoo (dot) com



5 comments on “Family needed for a baby boy due September 20

  1. This will be the 9th baby she has placed for adoption. She needs to stop having babies. What would possess a woman to get pregnant time after time and give every baby up? Healthy women do not do this. I have friends who have given up one child and they really had a hard time dealing with it. It’s no wonder she turns to drugs to medicate her pain. Very sad.

  2. I would love to adopt this sweet baby boy..but no home study or fees 😦 Praying God will provide just the right family for him!

  3. This is sad that this woman has had 9 pregnancies and all babies have been given up for adoption. Tell her to use protection when having sex. I will pray for her. She needs help –counseling, etc to stop thinking being pregnant is the answer.

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