Special Family Needed ASAP baby due with Down syndrome

This is also an update from the Due in June post

I was silent on this situation because the momma did not come back to the agency to see the families that had been applying…what has been found is…

She still has not found “her family” for her son Due in June

5/22/2014  1:26pm still no families for this baby

5/22/14     6:00pm Inna said she has received a few families meeting the criteria. To refute a rumor Inna said is circulating… This baby has not been matched before, and is not matched now, the birth parents have not chosen their family yet. They are wanting more information on two families, but her choice has not yet been made. Once she has chosen a family, I will update with a new blog posting.

5/23/14  3:37 pm Inna said they have many families and are waiting on pictures and profiles from the ones that have met the criteria. Praying the birth family chooses soon. Tomorrow I should know if enough profiles have been received to close this posting. Thank you all for sharing and praying for the right family for this little one.

5/27/13 1:29 pm It is so hard to be in my position… I am trying to be wise. I thank all of you who have replied and shared this need.  I have heard such conflicting information regarding the matching of this little baby. If you were hurt in this process, I am so sorry. I have heard from the agency and from people who have had direct contact with the agency in regards to the placement of this little one. All I know is the stories do not match. I would ask you would assume this situation is matched. Either by this outreach or from the prior outreach a month ago. Thanks again, and I wish I could say I know everything, but I don’t.


About the baby:

He has Down syndrome as confirmed by amniocentesis

He is Caucasian

He is Due June 24th

He has cleft lip and palate

In-depth sonogram has revealed no observed kidney or cardiac issues.


About the momma and Daddy:

They are choosing this plan together

They wish for a closed adoption.

They have specific wishes in the perfect family for their precious son.

About the desired family:

  • Must be home study ready

  • Must be financially ready with the fees

  • Must be married.

  • Must have three or fewer children in the home, she looked at families with more, but requested smaller families.

  • One parent must be equal to, or younger than mid 40’s , the other parent can be any age

  • Must have some experience with Down syndrome; either in the community, job or family.

  • Must be able to travel for a week or more to the state of Indiana

from head to toe 027

About the agency and fees:

Agency is KidsFirst Adoption Services in the state of Indiana

The fee breakdown is as follows:

  • $300 application fee

  • $3000 for birth parent support, a log will be kept of all expenses up to this limit in the state of Indiana, this is the maximum amount; the actual amount could be less, but not more than this.

  • the $3000 matching fee has been waived

  • $15,000 for placement fee

  • $2,000 for attorney fees

  • an additional $1,000 for attorney fees, if you live out of state and decide to finalize in Indiana.

  • $260 court filing fees

If this is your situation 🙂 I am so happy for you!  You must meet the above criteria or you will not be considered, so please do not waste the worker’s time or your own. Please make sure you read everything! I am praying this precious special little one comes into the world with a willing, eager and waiting family!!

If this describes your family, contact Inna Pecar or her staff at KidsFirst Adoption Services at 317-843-2300




91 comments on “Special Family Needed ASAP baby due with Down syndrome

  1. If my husband and I were a lot younger I would do it in a heartbeat.I had an uncle that was born with downs and he was the sweetest guy ever and my best friend has a one yr old with downs and she is an absolute joy to be around. I hope and pray that these parents will find the right family for their baby boy.

  2. You are advertising that you want to find a home for this baby. I would love to take him but apparently you only want to find a home for him with a wealthy family because i dont know too many middle class families that have over $20,000 ready at their disposal. Its so sad that it costs this much money to give a child a loving home. I am already an adoptive parent with a homestudy completed who meets all your criteria above, so if you decide to waive the fees and do the right thing to find a home for this precious little one please let me know.

    • I do not represent the agency in any way. I am not an employee or contracted with the agency to find families. I have no control over the cost of this adoption or any other posted on this blog. I just am an advocate for special needs babies and children that need to find their forever home. Thank you.

    • I agree, for parents and agency desperate for a loving home they sure are making it difficult for the ones who want to open their hearts. I have a child with down syndrome she is the angel of my world. The parents should be fund raising for the fees and leave the important stuff to the perspective parents who can provide everything else. very disappointing.

      • Kalene I hope you aren’t suggesting what I think you are…that the mother pregnant and looking into adoption should be paying agency fees?

  3. There would be so many loving homes for this baby but this criteria is so high 😦 I also wanted to add that me and my husband recently had a boy with down syndrome, we had zero experience with down syndrome or any sort of special needs! But we learned as much as we could once we found out and are the greatest parents for him and give him everything he needs. Other parents can do the same thing, requiring that amount plus that they already have DS experience is too much. Ive shared it with my friends though.

    • Thank you for sharing. I did not set the criteria, I am just sharing the situation. I in no way work for or connected with the placing agency. I am just spreading the word so this little guy can have a forever family right from the start.

      • Maybe they realize that they can’t care for a special needs baby. Maybe they would actually be giving up a healthy baby as well. It’s better that they are trying to get the baby adopted to a loving home rather than going to an abortion clinic and killing it.

      • just because the child is not “normal” or “perfect” you are right nanny4jen. get rid of the damaged goods and make a profit. i was so very proud and honored my ds son ray. his birth parents just wanted to get rid of him and move to another state. to go on facebook and make a profit….well that is so sad. they should have gone through a legal adoption with a lawyer not here. i hope the baby does get a loving home and not being labeled well baby got a good home for a price. i treasured my son for 20 years before he was taken away from me when he died from a 0.24 per million rare lung illness. to the parents of both adopted and given birth to. bless you for you are indeed special parents to a true gift from above.

  4. There are so many peoplr out there that would and could offer this child a loving home, but can’t because they don’t have that much money to give for the child. I know my sister would love this child unconditionally because she has done so with my daughter who has downs and my other two children, one with PDD-NOS. She has alwas wanted children and could never have children and tried like crazy. She also just lost her husband a little over two years ago and raising a child would give her such joy and comfort.

    • HE is not being replaced, he is being placed for the first time. This fee is the agency fee for placement. That is a very good question! The agency does the counseling and the paperwork and all of the matching/researching the potential adoptive parents, etc to be sure they have good candidates to present to the birth parent. For every match, especially with special needs placements, the agency has many hours finding the right family and meeting with the birth family.

  5. I understand you are just helping by advocating so I don’t mean any disrespect to you or anyone really. I must say I have adopted internationally, domestically and out of state care. We brought home a 2 month old baby for under 4000.00 he has special needs. Our one child had no fee attached because he was out of foster care. Then we adopted two internationally. The cost was a total of 27,000 that was total not for each child and included travel. Yet a white newborn with Down syndrome is over 21,000.00 I find this appalling. I know that if the child were a mixed race or a minority the fees would be cheaper. I know this because an agency told me this when we first decided to adopt and I have seen it over the years. This blog post has all of Facebook abuzz. People think this is nuts and you know what so do I. The sad fact is that unless something changes this child will end up in foster care living in a group home or nursing home depending on how severe he is. That would be the real tragedy. Things in America have to change. This is why I hear people going overseas. It’s very sad. Also please know I mean no disrespect. I advocated for this child too on Facebook. He deserves a family and not just any tom dick or Harry. That’s why children cost some money or time or effort to ensure they get a proper home but seems to me like this agency is taking advantage of the fact that he is white a newborn and has DS (which we have seen as being in demand right now).

    • I agree with you. I adopted out a baby myself in 2005 and while the adoptive parents paid lawyer fees and their home study it wasn’t any where near 21 grand. Sad thing is this lil boy has CONFIRMED downs, my son was a result of incest and wasn’t given any chance of survival. His parents adopted him knowing he could have ANY problem under the sun. Thank the lord he was ok and healthy, minor delays with speech and pyshically but basically ok. Yet a baby with confirmed downs is gonna cost 21 grand. I also didn’t ask for a penny. I didn’t want $$$ for my son because he is not worth anything, meaning there is no amount of money in this world that could buy him. I wouldn’t sell my son for a million dollars. Im glad he went to a good home and that the fees weren’t as outrageous as this. I do know that one day when I adopt ill be adopting from another country because to adopt here is basically the cost of your first born, blood of a virgin and your house. So well said!!!

  6. This sounds horrible in all honesty it sounds like shes selling a baby to me idk but shes going to miss out on a beautiful child I couldnt imagine my life without my son with DS!!!

    • This is a much much better option than this baby being aborted. That is the usual outcome (90%) of a family expecting a baby with ds.

    • the mother wont get the money if thats what you mean. The agency will. Still crazy high amount of money imo.

  7. This looks like legalized trafficking. Medicaid should cover all of an impoverished mother’s medical care. Twenty thousand in additional fees for what exactly?

    Adopt from the foster system in your state. Lots of kids from newborn infants to teens who need loving homes. I guarantee the cost is less.

    • Our taxes pay for adoptions of children in foster care. They may be free to the family adopting, but the society collectively pays for the adoption

    • this makes me so angry. i adopted a boy ray, with downs when he was 2 weeks old. the birth parents she her second marriage, his first. the man did not want ray he said he was ugly and not normal. this i found out few years later they had another child. they had the baby tested to make sure it was normal. or they would have aborted. no child asks to be born. my son ray was in great health for a downs child. no bad teeth, no heart problems and no leukemia. these are 3 of the most health issues of downs children. ray was in good health until he was the age of 9. he then had a life threatening illness. it called pulmonary hemosiderosis. it means bleeding lung syndrome. it is a 0.24 per million rare. he went through 11 years of in and out of hospital. he lost the battle when he just turned the age of 20. i have never regretted adopting ray. if i had to go through it again i would. i only would have changed that illness. ray was the most compassionate loving and caring child a parent could have asked for. if i could adopt this baby i would in a heart beat. any child whether normal (what is normal) i detest the word……or special needs, deserves a loving and caring parents and family. i would like very much to know the outcome. the family that adopts this child is indeed blessed.

  8. Down syndrome are the most special child god can give u I lived with aunt sheila all my life she lived to be 53 and lived everyday with her. These babies are a god gift and I wish I could have the chance again to love one special child. Even tho I work n nursing I have 5 grown children from 23 all the way to 11 but..who ever is blessed with this Child will be the luckiest people ever

  9. Why should there be such exorbitant fees attached???. What on earth will those poor parents have to live on after they have filled up the pockets of whomever. They will need all the money they can muster to pay for his therapies and treatments. Isnt that being considered. The parents should be paid for doing such an honorable thing by taking over this precious angel and raising him. I can’t believe the costs being charged.

  10. I notice you want the parents to be married. Is there a reason you don’t want a single parent to adopt the baby?

    • You would have to ask the placing agency. Many times this is the preference of the birth family. They usually tell the agency what family structure they desire. IF you notice they have married three or less children and the age requirement… all set by the birth family who looked at profiles and did not like them so they described their perfect family. I hope we can find it!!

  11. I am so sad for this! I realize the couple giving up the baby have their reasons for giving up a chance to have such a joy in their lives, but not only does the money seem high but the family requirements are too! I did not have any of that when I had my DS joy 21 years ago and he turned out to be a very wonderful young man who helps in our church, works and has fun in the community! And I think he had an awesome childhood! If they have that high of standards they should keep him to make sure he grows up like they want. Don’t get me wrong – yes the lucky family that will be chosen to be his forever family should be carefully found but more would be available if the requirements were more in the normal range! Praying that it works out for the little angel!!

  12. We would love to adopt this beautiful gift from God. We meet all the criteria except one. We have 6 children, the youngest has DS. Do you know if we would possibly be considered?

  13. Not to sound rude, but read all the info. It states that if you feel you fit or need more info, contact the agency. This is only a courtesy post.

  14. Have you talked with the birth parents at all? Do you know if they would be willing to place through a different agency?

    • I have not I advocate to find homes for special little ones. The agencies contact me and ask me to help find home study families whose hearts are drawn to the special ones since we have adopted special little ones ourselves in the past. I do know that this mother has come to the agency first a month or so ago to see if they would have families and the director felt sure with spreading the word, they would have some…and she is right! There is a family for this little one.

      • sounds to me like the family that is wanting to give this child up, it basically looking to sell their baby boy. I would take him in a heartbeat, as I have a 21 year old beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome and she is the light of my life. The odds of finding someone with that amount of money to just adopt then there are the medical expenses that come with getting surgery for the cleft lip. I pray that these parents who have graciously chose not to abort commendable, find not the perfect parents but parents who will love this Gift from GOD with all they have to offer. Unconditional love

  15. If the expecting couple have other children then requesting a closed adoption is akin to child abuse. The siblings have a right to know each other. They can’t just give the baby up and walk away like baby never happened.

    I understand the writer of this post is not affiliated with the agency or family, but it honestly just sounds like “hey we created a not perfect baby so we’re going to sell them off to whomever wants the problem”. The fees are ridiculous. Why so much when a child of a different race goes for so much cheaper? Anyone who claims it isn’t child trafficking really needs to examine that little aspect. Non-white babies go for HALF the costs of caucasian infants because of supply and demand. PROOF that adoption has turned into child trafficking.

    The agency and the parents need to re-evaluate their requirements. They will not be able to find anyone with that kind of cash just laying around. There is no reason to charge up to $30,000 for a white child. Legal fees should be the only costs. No birth parent expenses. They can support themselves or get public assistance.

  16. They should contact NDSAN (National Downe Syndrome Adoption Network). They Specialize in Downe Syndrome Adoption. Plus they don’t charge all of those fees. They know exactly what to look for in the parents of a child with this special need.

    • NDSAN has been contacted, I spoke to them myself. If you are a member of NDSAN and have not been contacted, you may need to adjust your parameters.

  17. Hi my name is jessica I am 28 yrs old. I have 5 little girls including a set of twins age 5 a little girl with downs age 4 and a 10yr old and a 2 yr old. I would really like to be considered for this adoption. My little girl with downs would love a play mate!! My husband has a great job with great benefits and I also have a great job. Between the two of us we will bring in around $65,000 this yr maybe more. I am a great mom and have great refferences to prove it. Plz feel free to call me n e time with questions. 5802711745 I live in a small town called antlers, oklahoma.

    • Jessica, I am so glad you are thinking about applying, but I am not the agency nor do I represent the agency in any way. I am just a blog writer who spreads the word if there is a situation that needs matched that is special needs.

  18. People, please do not attack the requirements that have been set. The birth family has the right to select who they want to raise their child. These are their requirements, probably not the agency’s. Also, while private adoption is expensive, many of the fees are not the choice of the agency, but required by law.


    • I do not think there is any way to do that, but the agency would have that information. I am just sharing the need for a family for this little guy.

  20. I really wished adoption in this country for all children, those with special needs and those without, was not so expensive…

  21. This is crazy. This baby should not be “auctioned” to the person who can afford to pay for a baby. Children with DS are loving and kind and are a blessing to any family. This baby would be a true gift to any family and it should come down to the family that would be the most welcoming and supportive, not Dollars. Just my 2cents.

    • This baby is not being auctioned. The fees are as stated to pay for the professional time of the agency and lawyers. The professionals have to pay for their own bills and schooling to provide this service. Adoption is a legal matter that involves professionals. Thank you.

  22. There is something incredibly fishy about this and if you are looking to adopt this child, I would research the agency very thoroughly. So the agency gets a $15,000 placement fee (when other people are doing the “marketing” for them) and the mother gets up to $3,000 for her expenses???? Something is wrong with this. There is no way in hell an attorney is doing that much work. I did my son’s readoption and I know the amount of time it took. Even if I was an attorney, my billing would have been about $2,000 (I used to be a paralegal so I am familiar with the going rates).

    • our last two adoptions attorney fees have been 2000 and 3500 respectively. IT does depend on the state and their rates same as any other business. The fee for placement is a bit high for a special needs placement, but it is low for most adoptions today. Thank you for your concern. The expenses for the birthmother are allowed by the state of Indiana. Most states do allow some birth parent expenses. IT is frustrating how the cost of adoption has increased, but it has done so over time and as a direct reflection of the number of families looking to adopt and the number of infants that are being placed.

  23. I’m sorry but this DOESN’T sound right to me AT ALL!!!! Just because a family doesn’t have money it doesn’t mean they can’t provide a good loving home for this child, sounds more like he is being sold than looking for parents to adopt – its sad and bad enough his parents want to give him up ( I’m guessing because the baby will be born with DS)…

  24. A child with DS will always need some sort of care. They want a married couple to adopt for a couple reasons. I don’t agree with all but some folks are narrow minded. If one should pass away the child wouldn’t go back into the system. Two parents are financially better off. One stays home while the other works. One may take stress off the other. A child needs a mom and dad. Blah blah blah…….. a single parent can give as much love and support as a married couple. Simple as that.

  25. Keep in mind that the bulk of the expenses/fees do not go to the birth family. The birth family does not get paid for choosing an adoptive family. The fees cover expenses dictated by law to make sure things are done in the best interest of the child. Fees typically pay for lawyers, GAL, court costs, and the like. Sometimes living expenses for a few months are included for the birth family as needed. The birth family who contacts an agency or adoption lawyer has the right to choose which adoptive family they want for their child. The great majority of them do love that child deeply but recognize that they cannot care for him/her in the way that the child needs. It’s not an auction. Adoption is a wonderful gift. Private adoptions can be expensive, but there’s many ways to get help and offset costs. Adopting through DSS/foster care is less expensive usually. Regardless of the type of adoption–the focus should be on loving and taking care of the child. Children in all situations need love and care.

  26. I have worked with special needs adults for 25 years I’m 43 but I’m single with no children lived and care for a man with Down syndrome for 15 yrs along with my work and had a sister with Down syndrome would absolutely love to have a child whom I could love and raise it have my own house car work full time but unfortunely do not have the 20,000 dollars to adopt its unfortune of the cost because it knocks me out of ever having the chance to love this child.

    • Shelly, you sound like the kind of parent this little boy needs. He doesn’t need money, two young parents, siblings, etc. he needs love, support and understanding. It is a shame that parents are ‘selling’ this little boy to the highest bidder. They should be ashamed of themselves, and the agency should be too. God bless you.

  27. I’m finding this post very distressing. My great sister has Down syndrome however I truly don’t like to label her!! Just saying if the parents want so much are they not positioned to give it themselves..great demands!!…this is said from a person who has seen my parents live a life full of love, no it’s not and is not easy for my sister.. I just think the great demands made by the family could be well used in taking care of him yourself.

  28. It is sad that it cost some much to give a child a loving stable environment as I meet all the criteria to adopt this little guy…I have s 15 year old son with down syndrome & my husband & I would love to adopt a baby….if u decide to waive the fees to give this precious little guy a loving home please let me know

  29. Wow! This is a very expensive special needs (double needs with the cleft palate) adoption. If this were a county adoption the adoptive couple might even get a subsidy for taking on special needs. I’ve never heard of a domestic down syndrome plus extra needs adoption costing this much. I have a daughter with ds.

  30. I think it’s really sad that a person must be rich to adopt this angel.As long as the couple is able to care and love this baby and give them a stable family that should be all that matters.Im sorry but when it comes to giving a baby what they need there shouldn’t be a price tag (their human beings not animals)If the parents don’t want them then they shouldn’t be for sale.Look how much it takes to raise a child,that should be enough.Makes me sick to my stomach how this world is money hungry.God bless this child.I hope God finds the right family for this precious gift.Id love too.But I’m far from rich and I sure Dont have $20.0000 in my back pocket.SMH

  31. I wished the fees for adoption were not so high. This baby would fit perfect in my home. My 15 year old daughter with Down Syndrome also was born with a cleft lip and palate, so we know all the issues involved in the medical care. The list fits my family perfect except having 25,000 on hand. Prayers for this sweet baby.

  32. Those fees are astronomical. Shame on whoever decided to charge $15000 on a placement fee. This money should be going to taking care of the child, especially a special needs child. My daughter has DS and she is a healthy, beautiful three year old but she has therapy and other related costs that are necessary so she can be as much as an independent adult when she’s older!
    God bless this wonderful and special child who will be born and his soon to be mom and dad.

    Disgusting. How is that legal? Making money out of being awful non-parents. Everyone involved in this and other “adoptions at a price” should be utterly ashamed.

  34. How sad that the parents do not want their own child. Doesn’t matter if he has downs or not, this is your child..

    • Comments like this negatively affect the effort to have people adopt, not abort. You are also assuming you know the personal reasons they are placing this child for adoption.

  35. This is sad that it cost so much to adopt a child especially when you know a loving Christian family that have no children at all and would love this child with all their heart. Someone who teaches and has down syndrome students in class and is awesome v with them as well as a family member with downs. To bad love is not a form of $$$$$

  36. We meet all the criteria except the homestudy. Is there any way to expedite one? We have no small children in the home only our 23 yo son with Down Syndrome and an 18 yo son. I am an RN and my husband is a local truckdriver. We have excellent insurance. I am originally from Indianapolis and still have family there so travelling there would be no problem. We currently live in Florida. I am 44 and my husband is 46. We would absolutely love the opportunity to raise another child with Down Syndrome. Thank you.

  37. Can anyone tell me what “home study ready” means? We had an international home study done 4 years ago and are currently licensed as a foster family with DHS. Does that constitute “home study ready”?

    • In most cases when you are actively trying to adopt a child your home study must be current (renewed and updated every year).

  38. 17 years ago, my daughter(18 at the time) considered giving up her daughter through adoption–a beautiful healthy white newborn. We paid for all her medical, all her support. My daughter found the adoption parents through friends. We did the legwork for the baby. We were going through a Christian adoption and they were going during the legal part. I ask: Why hasn’t the birth parents looked and researched possible parents? they will many REQUIREMENTS for their son, yet I do not see them giving anything. WHY? why $3000 to mother? Why aren’t birthparents paying the fees?
    I am retiring as a special education teacher next month after 22 years. I would teach forever if it weren’t for the politics. It takes a special person/people to love a special child. It also takes a special person/people to love any child.
    I will pray that this little boy receives loving parents,

  39. Esther, thank you for your effort in finding a match for this little one. I will pray for him to be welcomed by a loving family.,

    • Thank you Donna. If you see the update, it looks like the agency has enough families to show the birth mother! So this baby will be welcomed into an adoptive family right from the start!

  40. I adopted healthy twins (boy & girl) 9 years ago. They are beautiful and perfect in every way. Their birth mother loved them then, and, loves them now. She chose adoption because it was the right thing for her babies. I was the most selfless act I have ever witnessed. I love this lady and speak with deep respect when I tell my children about her. Since then, but still years ago, we have looked into adopting again. An average fee, for a healthy baby, at most agencies ran $30,000+. Whatever their circumstance for choosing adoption for their precious infant, it’s their personal decision. For me, being able to adopt has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I pray this little infant makes it to their loving family. I am so glad to the birth parents are looking for a couple that has what they believe their baby will need to thrive. Good for them.

  41. It’s not the birth parents demanding the money. As a matter of fact birth mom has a family chosen that cannot afford the fee, but the agency refuses to lower or drop fees, so the agency is advocating trying to find another family. She is greedy and wants to make her cut! Also found out birth mom does not have age preference again it’s Inna at the agency who thinks older women and women with several kids are not fit to parent. I will definitely spread the word to stay away from KidsFirst adoption agency, she is just out to make a buck, not help the child or the birth parents.

    • 5/27/13 1:29 pm It is so hard to be in my position… I am trying to be wise. I thank all of you who have replied and shared this need. I have heard such conflicting information regarding the matching of this little baby. If you were hurt in this process, I am so sorry. I have heard from the agency and from people who have had direct contact with the agency in regards to the placement of this little one. All I know is the stories do not match. I would ask you would assume this situation is matched. Either by this outreach or from the prior outreach a month ago. Thanks again, and I wish I could say I know everything, but I don’t.

  42. It’s been lovely to follow this post and see so many people who deeply care about the life of this sweet baby!

    For anyone who is not aware and who would love the opportunity to welcome a child with Down syndrome into their family, Reece’s Rainbow is a ministry that helps identify children in orphanages in other countries with special needs. The country fees *are* very high but there are grants established for the children to help with the travel expenses.

    The website is: http://reecesrainbow.org/

  43. I am interested in finding out a little more about this sweet angel. I have been looking to adopt/foster a newborn for 3+yrs.now. I have my CNA and am furthering my education as a nurse.We both have experienced special needs. I have Pryor experience in persons with special needs because I have gown up with my mother working at first the state school and Jack mabely and Kieder services. My husband has expierance as well his mother worked at the state school and Jack Mabely as well .I’m 26 and married to the most wonderful man in the world his name is Torre Danner he is 32 and works as a head mechanic. We live in Milledgeville illinois both have good jobs for more information about us please contact us at josettadarden@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time. SINCERELY
    The Danners

  44. I am a single mother raising my own children one who was born with down syndrome. I have a beautiful home, I have a great job, and a ton of love to offer another child. I would love to adopt a child with down syndrome. Its a darn shame that you must have thousands of dollars to ” buy” a child. My love and attention out ways any amount of money. If this mother is still searching for a home for their child there is a reason why. Maybe she needs to meet my down syndrome son and take a look at a mother who has truly dedicated her life to her children. That my friends is absolutely priceless!

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