2 Month old Baby Girl S needs a family

What can I tell you about this agency?

We have not adopted from them, but they are in IL and have a great reputation for finding families for special little ones.

They have their own in house nursery for cradle care until they find a match for their little ones.


From their description:

“Baby S is a beautiful 2 month old Caucasian/Hispanic baby girl.

She has a diagnosis of schizencephaly.

She has a g-tube for feedings as her bottle skills are varying.

It’s anticipated that Baby S will have impaired motor, cognitive and developmental functioning.

Her future needs would include follow-up with multiple specialists and early intervention services to maximize her potential.

If you are a good fit or know someone who would be a good fit for this little girl, please go to http://www.cradle.org/special-needs-adoption and complete a pre-application in its entirety. This is the first step in their screening process. All families will be considered. We appreciate your assistance in helping baby S find her forever family.

The Special Needs Team

The Cradle


I know one thing, every life is precious, and every child has a family. Are you that family?

If you are reading these situations and feeling that you would love to adopt these little ones but are not ready…well…my solution to that is GET READY!! You cannot do anything if you are not prepared!! Get your homestudy completed, get all of that paper pregnancy junk out of the way so you can be on your way to applying for these little ones that need families to advocate for them, to sacrifice for them and most of all to love them!!


2 comments on “2 Month old Baby Girl S needs a family

    • The cradle is known for being very careful in finding the right match for the birthparents and the child. As of yet, she has not been matched.

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